Sunday, 29 June 2008

Brat Trap

I'm not biting
I don't want to know
I am sure you'll tell me later
Dangled titbits
Hide the painful hook
You're such a master baiter.

Bitter emails
Disappointed texts
Comments with no creator
Pouring poison
Through your fake I.D.
You're such a master baiter.

Talk about it
How they've done you wrong
Hell hath no fury greater
It looks tasty
But it's poisoned meat
You're such a master baiter.


Helga Hansen said...

Ah, I see it's playtime again. Can I have a go on the swings, please - the merry-go-round makes me dizzy...

Luka said...

Helga - of course. I think the wendy house is occupied though.

Anonymous said...

How are you today, Darlin? Other than the idiot of course waving his puny bits, that is :-0


bittersweet said...

The master baiter who delights in your discomfort, who revels in your pain, does not deserve the time of day x

Luka said...

Beau - I am resting and relaxing, my love x

Bittersweet - I am at fault though, for not resisting the bait. I must learn to say no, I refuse to swallow that! (Insert "fnarf" here). xxx

Anonymous said...

More gentle hugs and a fondle or two to you, me darlin' :-)

Luka said...

Thanks, Beau! x

Freddy said...

When ever will you listen?
When ever will you heed?
The thing that makes him glisten,
Is just his self-spilled seed.

Why ever did you write to him?
Why ever did you read?
For all that he penned was just a hymn
To the spilling, alone, of his seed.

Hi honey, I'm home :-)

Luka said...

Freddy - hello, did you have fun while you were away? What can I say, I am a doofus.

Anonymous said...

ooh i love your poem. you could have taught carly simon a thing or two :-)

and freddy´s ain´t half bad either

Luka said...

Nurse Myra - thank you, I did a riff on one of her works earlier in the Boudoir, here