Monday, 23 June 2008

Boudoir Blogoversary

I almost let it slip by without noticing!

A whole year of high quality blogging and the kind of doggerel you just can't find elsewhere (and wouldn't want to).

Why the fuck I am still here is anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

does a blogaversery deserve a spanking>?
if so present spankable ass!


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are you here? Because you a great blogger and a totally knockout lady and it's a pleasure to read and know you. What else could a guy want?

The Beau

Helga Hansen said...

Happy Blogoversary... if you weren't about, who else would keep the sanity levels present and correct? Here's to more of the same!

Oh yes - when do we get a nibble of the cake and a sip of the champers??

Ro said...

Well done you!

Whatever it is you're doing, you're clearly doing something right - and, of course, you appreciate a good blog when you see one yourself too :D

Keep up the good work - even if it does, occasionally, make me wince a little in self-recognition!

And, yes, I'm up for champers and cake too. Ice cream would be nice if it's available.

bittersweet said...

The blogosphere would be a dank and chilly place without you, my lovely luscious Luka.

Where else but at the Boudoir would we see exposed the soiled sheets and raggedy undergarments of the eclectiratti ... who else would tweak the table cloth of the precious and precocious and have us laugh at the silliest side of ourselves?

Happy Blogbirthday darling x

Midnight said...

Are you working for the strawberry council of great britain perhaps and you took a year to reveal your true mission?

Tom Allen said...

Because you love us, that's why!


Anonymous said...

Tom: and the reverse too.


Luka said...

Southern Sage - I dish 'em out, I don't take them! Thanks!

Beau - you are a star x

Helga - bloody hell, I didn't know I had to do the catering too!

Ro - thank you, I appreciated that. And you want cake and booze as well! Blimey, I'm going to have to go back down to Mr McNobby's at this rate for more supplies.

Bittersweet - you are way too kind. Thank you for all you do for me xxx

Midnight - damn, busted! Feeling fruity?

Tom - is it love, or is it just lust? *Rubs thighs saucily*

Beau - *rubs thighs again*

Anonymous said...

Hon--rubbing thighs--oh Man--there he goes again lol--bugger keeps springing up.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I just rifled through your archives and found the first time I arrived here... July 10th!

Happy Bloggy Anniversary. I'm glad you're still here.

Freddy said...

Your're here because you're here because you're here because you're here
You're here because you're here because you're her because you're here.

But there is, of course more to it than a sense of inevitability
You're here because we visit
To marvel at your invincibilty

Where others would quake
In their boots or shake
and shiver with fear
When the literati
get all arty-farty
And look on your blog with a sneer

Your inimitabe style
Has made us all smile
(Well all of us bar one or two)
So well done Luka Dear
'twas a hell of a year
I think you should do a review!

Luka said...

Beau - it's good to be up!

Anonymous Boxer - and it has been a pleasure to have your company from that point on.

Freddy - excellent poetry as ever. Made me smile, lots. You know, I think a review might be fun!

Walker said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!

Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it?

Luka said...

Walker - thanks! Time has just zoomed past in a whirlwind of arse pics and attitude.

Charlene said...

congrats on a year of blogging~~
i look forward to reading more and reading past posts

Luka said...

Charlene - thank you! I hope to keep you entertained accordingly.

Charlene said...

~~~happy one year~~~~~
and I've only been blogging for 11 days~~~
peace, love, and well ya know