Tuesday, 20 May 2008

So What?

So you write a good fuck, and so what?
All that proves is you’re able to type
And you know what goes where
In what order
Well done
You are mere repetition and hype.

So you talk a good time, well so what?
All that proves is you know what to say
To make people believe
That you’re normal
You’re not
You’re a simulation, a clichĂ©.


Helga Hansen said...

This blog is getting to be better than watching a soap on telly. Will you let me know when the ad breaks happen, so I can nip off and put the kettle on?

NOw, I just want to know... who is the arse, and how will it end? Okay, okay, so I cheat and read the guide in advance!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Just WOW!


Lynsey said...


Please get your British arse onto Twitter. The whole sex blog community needs you. www.twitter.com (I'm sexed_up_stick).

Ro said...

Hey, be fair - I've never claimed to be normal :)

Anonymous said...



Luka said...

Helga - just wait until the Christams special!

Beau - is that good? I hope it's good...

Lynsey - but what will happen to me then?

Ro - no, you are on safe ground.

Nurse Myra - I feel...edged.

Anonymous Boxer said...

more blog drama, lovely Luka?

Do you wish that I should go beat someone for you?

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of god talkers here...

Walker said...

Sounds like finger sex to me but who's chicken is being plucked

Anonymous said...

Luka darlin' it's very good --I don't give many Wow's out at all :-).


Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - I shall draw up a list for you :)

Southern Sage - it's endemic.

Walker - check for who's spitting feathers.

Beau - then I am honoured :)

Anonymous said...


endemic..... very true

Lynsey said...

Luka, I can't say what exactly will happen to you. Well, actually, I can. Your brain will definitely shrink a bit. But if you work at home (as I do), it's a splendid way to waste time.

Freddy said...

quality work in rhyme
which is what we expect every time
and while your poking that bear with your stick
he's probably beating himself, till he's sick

now go rest for two ticks
before taking some pics

(it's Thursday tomorrow)

Luka said...

Southern Sage - I am working on a cure.

Lynsey - crikey. I shall give it some thought.

Freddy - I love it when you rhyme with me.