Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Lips Are Sealed

I keep so many secrets, some my own, some belonging to others. I find people confide in me. Maybe I look like I can be trusted, maybe I seem unlikely to judge, maybe I give away too much myself and encourage a trade in confessions. The reason doesn't matter. I am a receptacle of uncommon knowledge, a repository of intrigue.

I won't talk. Ply me with alcohol (oh, go on), seduce me with your silver tongue (oh, please) and do your worst. The key to the confidential filing cabinets is hidden somewhere deep within my vaults. You'll enjoy looking for it but I think you'll find it perpetually elusive.

My lips are sealed.


Anonymous said...

Elusive secrets? As they should be. Beautiful full and highly kissable lips? Oh my yes and I'd love to ply you with booze and talk with you, seduce you, and not do my worst but my best, but never would I ever ask your confidences, Never.
Now if only I could see your eyes--the picture I have of you in my mind would be complete--and Wow! and Gosh! Luka you are truly one gorgeous woman.


Brian said...

Do they ekshpect Luka to talk?

Can you see them?
Talking bout us
Telling lies
well that's no surprise.
Luka's lips are sealed!

figleaf said...

Hi Luka,

I love the way your lipstick matches the embroidery on your top... and, for that matter, the font on your website!

Nice lips too! Happy HNT,


MarcelloNYC said...


You have sexy lips!


Osbasso said...

It would certainly be fun trying to get you to break that seal!

Amorous Rocker said...

I have a lot of people who confide in me as well and I never understand why. I think it's because people know I won't say a word to anyone else. Maybe. Who knows?

Lovely, lovely picture. Happy HNT!

Paul B said...

You sound like a good with very sexy lips I might add. HHNT!

tkkerouac said...

Love your writing style!

TK Kerouac's HNT

Suzanne Portnoy said...

Me too and sometimes I feel burdened by them.

Vixen said...

Very pretty. You have gorgeous lips. :)


Greg & Sheryl said...

Somehow, you remind us of Belinda Carlisle...

Happy HNT!

Walker said...

Vey nice lips and i a just bet they can clamp tight around a secret until you want to release it.

Helga Hansen said...

Hhhmmm... yep, they don't look like loose lips to me! ;)

EmmaK said...

people confide in me at a drop of a hat. I even say, "you know I am a blabbermouth"....but I think I have an honest face or summat, they always end up spilling their deepest darkest secrets.

Ro said...

{Passes over ice cream and chocolate}

Going to keep those lips sealed now? ;^)

Happy HNT!

Luka said...

Beau - you are a seductive man, oh yes you are x

Brian - heh - now how did you know I had that song in my head as I typed?

Figleaf - I am always well co-ordinated.

MarcelloNYC - all the better to muahh you right back with.

Os - go on, give it a go! :)

Amorous Rocker - perhaps people just sense your trustworthiness? Thank you, Happy HNT to you, too.

Paul B - hello! I am a most excellent friend, it's true.

TK Kerouac - why, thank you!

Suzanne - yes, I know what you mean. Some of the secrets I carry should not be known to me at all.

Vixen - it's all the exercise they get, keeps them in shape :)

Greg & Sheryl - is that a surprise?

Walker - ooh, now there's an image!

Helga - certainly not, they are tighter than a duck's backside.

Emma - yes, I can see that happening. You do have that kind of approachable demeanour.

Ro - which ones?

Curvaceous Dee said...

You have a luscious mouth - and you know how you want to use it, which is the main thing. *kisses*

HHNT! xx Dee

Biscuit said...

And what pretty lips they are! I love what you are wearing. I want one!

Luka said...

Dee - I use it well, if not always wisely :) x

Biscuit - Thank you. I got it from Marks and Spencer, years ago!

Ro said...

Aha! It sounds like I've established the currency at least ;^)

Luka said...

Ro - you need to chuck in a bottle of wine too to meet the current exchange rate.

Dana said...

Your lips are sealed? Really? I've got some pretty good secrets!


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Mmm. Sealed or no, they're lovely lips (and the shirt compliments the color, wonderfully enough). :)

Happy HNT!

Southern Sage said...

this is an awesome pic.........
lips r sealed huh?

Anonymous Boxer said...

er - what's the color lipstick? Seriously, I love it.

(not joking.)

Brian said...

Luka, heh, as someone who can't sing or play a note I still hear songs in my head constantly. That song has special meaning for me. I went to Ibiza for the millennium and remember being in the 'back room' of Manumission and Derek Dahlerge playing that among an eclectic set around 10am new years day before the club closed. Did we go to bed? Did we f*ck off to Space for the daytime session!

Enough bragging about what I did for the millennium, on topic I have seemed to accrued a lot of women lately on line who seem to want to cry on my cyber shoulder. My digital lips are also sealed.

Lapis Ruber said...

Looks like you're just about to whisper something in someone's ear - It's nice to imagine what it might be. Happy HNT (Belated).

bittersweet said...

It a good to find such a friend.

happy HN err .. friday xxxxx

Lynsey said...

What is that lipstick? What a great color! (Sorry, I couldn't think of anything funny to say.)

Luka said...

Dana - you can confide in me...

Ms Inconspicuous - thank you.

Southern Sage - yes indeed, it will be a challenge to part them.

Anonymous Boxer & Lynsey - was Avon and some kinda red...but I can't recall the exact name. I shall rummage in the drawer later.

Brian - ooh, get you! :)

Lapis Ruber - it would be sure to be soemthing pithy and iluminating.

Bittersweet - thank you dearest x

b said...

my god -
just the freakin' words -

wow -
mega wow

mega wow.

ok - think i'm over it for a moment -

Luka said...

B - hello! I do like to create a pleasing response, and this response pleases me.