Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fair Comment

Blogging interactions are similar to real life interactions, in that the better you know a person the freer you feel to do away with the social niceties and say what you think.

If, for example, you were at a party and a complete stranger came along and started boring you about, oh, let's say trains, you might make a few polite noises, maybe ask a couple of questions and generally fake an interest so as not to cause offence while surreptitiously scanning the room for an escape route. If it happened to be a close friend or family member you would be far more likely to roll your eyes and say "oh god, not trains again, can't we talk about something else for five minutes?"

As I work my way through the morass of blogs, a similar pattern can be observed. When people don't really know the person behind the blog they leave friendly, harmless comments. (Unless they are trolls, of course, in which case they leave very rude comments indeed). The sort of comment you can't possibly take offence at. "You're so funny" or "Lovely pic!"

You can spot who knows who behind the scenes from the banter in the comments box. In-jokes appear. Good natured teasing. It is even possible to spot who is shagging who behind the scenes from the laughably inept "smokescreen" comments lovers leave for each other. "Oh ho ho, I bet you're just the type of naughty girl who would stick a cucumber up her lover's arse. What a very lucky chap your man must be!" I read these types of comments and think "why not just wee all over her blog and have done with it?"

So, if I turn up on your blog and disagree with you, if you find me sitting in your comments box, sipping wine and spouting forth on all that is wrong with the world, giving my cynical and unpopular opinions, take it as a compliment. It means I think you are probably intelligent and likeable enough to handle a comment of substance and mature enough to relish something less bland and meaningless than I offer to party bores.


Helga Hansen said...

Blah, blah, blah... can we talk about trains now, please?

Hhhmmm... I wonder who's blog I can go pee all over? :D

Anonymous said...

Been surfing the net a lot lately--compulsion I guess--boredom is more like it (blocked in my own writing) and I've seen many blogs that are beautifully written and others that I would characterize as, to be kind really, fucking boring. And that includes many sex blogs. Some out there leave me positively detumescent. What possesses these people to bare their collective souls in such badly written ways? Makes me shiver for the fate of the language I love and respect. Even is it is the 'murican language. *le sigh*

Beau bored in Seattle though last night was rather perky lol

Luka said...

Helga - :) It's all trains and tunnels with you, isn't it?

Beau - ah, well, now this is a subject matter dear to my cynical heart. Yes, sex should be fun, joyous, life affirming! Writing about it should reflect that. Yet so many sex bloggers take themselves desperately seriously. It's all so very humourless and dull. It's so hard to find something that it neither illiterate tosh nor pseudo-literate head-up-arse bollocks.

What happened last night? Is it suitable for public viewing or is it more emailable?

Anonymous said...

Luka me luv, last night was fun, joyous and life-affirming. And tumescent. Need I say me more, darlin'??

Beau with a big grin on his mug.

Helga Hansen said...

Tunnels?? Tunnels?? Where the heck do tunnels come into this?? Oh, you mean trains in tunnels? Oh wait - no- I see the light now!!

Ms Robinson said...

Luka: I'm glad you mentioned this. Frankly I'm unimpressed with your quality of comment recently. I feel that you've been too distracted and as a result not delivered the quality of comment I've come to expect from you. So I guess what I'm saying is could you stop mucking around and get on to it please.

Luka said...

Beau - I am picking up on the subtle hints. Glad it was a good night!

Helga - if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel that means the train is coming - get off the tracks!

Ms R - you are quite right. I have spent too much time drinking wine and brawling to concentrate fully on giving my best to my Supreme Leader. I shall pull my stockings up immediately.

Anonymous said...

Well if it's those fishnets, by all means do. And please those shoes--yummy.

It's on the way, Luka.

Grundy Boyo said...

Grundy needs a blog, he's thinking. Then Luka can come and be rude to him. Much more fun than the Duke, Grundy is, although his arse isn't as nice.

Luka said...

Beau - I'm reading through it now x

Grundy Boyo - everyone needs a blog, it is the modern condition. Get one and I shall indeed come and be rude to you. And I shall be the judge of your arse.

Walker said...

Say what want or what you feel.

I have been left speechless at time with what I have read because I don't know what to say to some of the things people write about but for the most part I speak my mind and would appreciate the same.

Honest opposition is communicating.

Luka said...

Walker - that's what I think, too. I mean, nice comments are great, don't get me wrong. There's a lot of slove and support available out there and that's a positive thing. If I have a different opinion though, it doesn't mean I am declaring war.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm always happy when you appear at my blog sipping wine and swilling comments.

I probably fall under the category of "afraid to be honest" just because I've seen some flaming go one between blogs and I've had enough of that in real life; I started blogging to get rid of it, not start more.

That said, are you ever going to get a new pair of shoes?

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - now that is a very good question. I really must get another pair of killer heels. I may have to start an Appeal for Heels.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, those heels are enuf for this boy. More than enough. Oh my yes indeed.


Vi said...

'you're so funny!'

Sorry, was I supposed to say something else?

Freddy said...

I've read through the comments lately and the only likely smokescreen i can see would suggest that you and MsR have errrmm

oh my - I need to go lay down!

Luka said...

Beau - if you're happy, I'm happy.

Vi - no, I am so funny.

Freddy - damn it, you've seen through our carefully constructed artifice!