Friday, 11 April 2008

Busy Busy Busy

No time for trivialities, no time to make for you
I haven't had a minute to myself
No time to switch my mobile on, no time to make a call
I'll have to leave you up there on the shelf

No room for non necessities, no room to spare for you
My life's as packed as sardines in a tin
No room for extra company, no room to turn around
Perhaps tomorrow I might squeeze you in

No need to feel rejected, there's no need to worry so
You're in a queue, you've just been put on hold
No need to feel so insecure, no need to give me grief
Your misery is getting kind of old

No wait, this isn't what I want! No wait, some patience, please
I didn't mean that you should go away
No wait, it's just time management, it's just priorities
I'll reward you for your fortitude one day!

(Oh... She's gone.)


bittersweet said...

very touching x

Luka said...

Patience has never been a virtue of mine I'm afraid, and doggerel gives me a way to offload.

Jackie Adshead said...

We all have busy lives, and get around to the important stuff once we've got rid of the clutter. If we can get rid of the clutter. Not easy to get rid of the clutter sometimes. But you're worth waiting for aren't you Luka!

Luka said...

Jackie - I am, though I try not to keep anyone waiting. My ability to wait patiently is sorely lacking so I try hard not to inflict such torment on anyone else.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I could have written this - except, you know, it wouldn't be as good... BUT... I get this.

Anonymous Boxer said...

P.S. I just remembered I need to email someone and cancel something. Again. Too bizzy. No joke.

Walker said...

I have learned to say fuck it and do what I want to do.
May explain why the cops have more picture of me than my mother has.

I have patience but not the time to waste waiting and if I, am really busy and it just can't wait no one should have to wait for me eirhe but if they do, well that's sweet but stupid.
There is always later just don't make later a habit.
Life is simple, if you make it simple LOL

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - it is the bane of our modern existence. So many time saving devices, so why have we no free time?

Walker - I am trying my best. I am simple, so I'm halfway there.

Melissaria said...

I read an article recently which put forward the argument that we now cram into 24 hours what our predecessors (can't remember when...) would have taken 31 hours over. That might explain it.

Still, I think I'd rather be overloaded than have to do my washing with a scrub-board and mangle.

Your poem reminded me of Wendy Cope's writing; must go and re-read some of that again, she's very funny.

Luka said...

Melissaria - I think that's it. Our labour and time saving devices mean we are able to fit more tasks into one day. Just because we are able to doesn't necessarily mean we should.