Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Body Parts

How many times do you still hear a man assert he is a boob, butt or leg man?

While I can understand individual preferences for certain body parts, it still seems a strange concept to label oneself in such limiting and faintly nonsensical terms.

"I'm a leg man". Well, great. I have legs. Does that mean I'm in the running? (Heh. Did you see what I did there?)

"I'm a boob man, myself". What? You're attracted to an obvious sexual allure like my bosom? Hurrah, evolution works!

What would be truly interesting would be men who announced their unusual, quirky preferences. "I'm a slight peachy down on the upper lip man" or "I'm a earlobe kind of guy".

Interestingly enough, women are unlikely to claim to be a butt gal or a willy woman.


Helga Hansen said...

Too true, Luka... why would we want to limit ourselves?? But hell, I still have a thing for a nice firm arse... just ripe for a slap or a nibble! :D

Luka said...

Helga - quite right, limits are no fun. I think most women like a good arse on a man, it is the hammer that drives the nail and all that.

Angela-la-la said...

I'm a brain girl, me.

Sorry, that must have been my testosterone talking :)

Anonymous said...

Ooops! my bad! I'm guilty of that stupid generalization about women--gods but I do try to not be that way. And you're right Luka it's the whole woman that counts--if someone wants to paddle my ass they're welcome too.

A very penitent Beau.

bittersweet said...

If a man can't pay significant attention to *all* my parts, then we will part ways.

*gingerly rearranges sore nips*

lol at willy woman!

Walker said...

I think its more of what gets your attention first.
Personally I have said I am a boob man but its not limited only to men.
I have seem women trying to figure out which guy drives the expensive car.

Southern Sage said...

Well I'm an eyes and lips man...........
If made to choose though I'd fall into te assman category.

StMarc said...

I am either open-minded or infirm of purpose, depending on your point of view.

What I tend to notice about a woman is whatever I think her best feature is. :)

For some women it's breasts, for others it's the smile, for others it's legs. It's been the curve of the back and it's been the eyes.

I suppose it's fair to say I focus on the positive. Occupational hazard for glamour photographers. We spend so much time trying to figure out what a subject's best feature is and how to use it to make them look good that it carries over.


unspeakable axe said...

I'll admit to being a leg man.

It's what I notice first from across the street. If I'm in a bar or just meeting someone at a party it's their eyes that I notice first.

Most women I meet that I'm attracted to though seem to be wallet women. Mine is far too thin.

Ro said...

If pushed I'll admit to be a breast man. That said, one of the most enjoyable lovers I ever had was exceptionally under-endowed in that department but she had a dazzling smile, a wicked wit, a face composed of individual pieces that logically shouldn't have worked together but definitely did - and a refreshingly dirty mind!

And that's the point: we may have preferences but to make them into fetishes by fixating on them is to miss out on the huge variety of beauty and sexiness that the world has to offer.

And, Luka, if you ever try to use my arse as a hammer for driving in nails, you're in serious trouble!

Vi said...

Sorry, but I AM a butt girl! I love checking out guys butts! Only if their face is pretty though, and doesn't look the same as their arse!

Freddy said...

"Interestingly enough, women are unlikely to claim to be a butt gal or a willy woman."
I was going to say this even before Vi confirmed it...

I think you're wrong there Luka! I'd also suggest that there are men who are attracted by the peachy down, or some such. Just as there are girls who are turned on by short guys, or hairy guys, or guys with dimples.

Me? The brain is the most precious of the sexual organs in my book. So, I'm a head man.

Luka said...

Angela-la-la - oh, me too. Bodies are all very well but a fine mind is more likely to remain stimulating as the decades pass.

Beau - assume the position.

Bittersweet - yes, I agree. The thing is, I know I have a cracking pair of norks, so while attention to those is enjoyable, it is not unexpected. But the man who finds my brain attractive, what a delight he is...

Walker - oh yes, I know that we are all attracted to those primary outward signals. My question is more as to why men need to state that they are a Boob Man whereas a woman might well like a good arse or a porsche but does not announce herself as such.

Southern Sage - mmmmm, eyes and lips are key features for attraction, I agree.

StMarc - I know exactly what you mean. It's an admirable quality, flexibility. If you can focus on the best feature in everyone you meet you'll never be disappointed :)

Unspeakable Axe - ah, those material girls. How dull they are. The fatness of a wallet does nothing for me. What I want a man to do for me costs nothing but time.

Ro - can I use it as a bike rack?

Vi - but how do you know about the face if you're checking out the arse first?

Freddy - oh, I don't disagree. I said in my post that I understand the individual preferences for certain body parts. But, as I said to Walker, women don't refer to themselves as Arse Women whereas men will refer to themselves as Boob Men.

Jackie Adshead said...

Sexual attraction should be really easy to define, and yet it's far more complicated! Women should technically like small bums, square shoulders, firm chests and chiselled jawlines on men but if he's ugly, he stands less of a chance of being sexually alluring. But if he's handsome with a podgy body he stands less of a chance too! So, it seems that whereas a couple of good "features" will cause instant attraction in admirers, the WHOLE package is really what we fancy. The same for women too - men might be attracted to a womans gorgeous boobs, but when he can see past them (and some men never do!) he wants to know the whole woman, warts and all (so to speak!!).

Textual Healer said...

For me too it is not one fetaure but the whole pacakage- sometimes a woman's smile will be the key - other times her way of walking or her ear lobes. Two things that do turn my key are prominent scapulas and/or collarbone. Some woman can spoil the whole package by wearing too much slap.

Luka said...

Jackie - yes, it's a fascinating area, the whole physical attraction thing. The message I keep hearing here is that it's definitely the combination of features that works.

Textual Healer - hello! Ah, well it's a fine line with make up - when used to enhance it is a Good Thing. When used to conceal it is a Bad Thing.

Ro said...

I guess you could try that, Luka, but I have to be honest with you - it will cause damage.

I just don't have the buttocks to support a bike. You don't want to get your pedals scuffed up now, do you?

EmmaK said...

I'm attracted to a sense of humor first and foremost. That said, they should have a cracking arse too.

Luka said...

Ro - I love it when you give me that tough, scuff talk.

Emma - that is the classic romantic hero combo, I think we are all agreed.

Anonymous said...
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