Monday, 4 February 2008

Naked Saturday

Now, I defy any sex blogger, literate or otherwise, to show me a seduction that has more red hot sexy sex reality than the following scene of domestic debauchery:

"You do realise we'll be on our own tomorrow night?"


"Are you going to make sweet lurve to me?"

"Yes, but first you have to think of a number."



"Yes, seven. You know I always pick seven."

(It's true. I managed to pass O-level maths by guessing "seven" for any questions I couldn't answer.)

"Ah, but are you sure you can cope with seven?"

"Yes. Why, are you not sure you can manage seven?"


"So why didn't you specify it had to be a number between one and two, then?"

"There isn't a number between one and two."

"It doesn't have to be seven. I'll take what I can get."


Walker said...

Yes, I can see the clothes flying in all directions and the couch tipping over on its back from the impact of the diving duo.

That's why I keep mine pushed up against the wall. ;)

Anonymous Boxer said...

I have a feeling YOU can cope with "seven", Luka.

Freddy said...

Doesn't that involve the cheese grater and the clingfilm?

Ms Robinson said...

Nail. Hit. On Head. Again.

Luka said...

Walker - it's a good thing I favour sturdy furniture.

Anonymous Boxer - I could, but I must try not to be greedy.

Freddy - no, that's the epilator and the oven glove.

Mr R - I. Do.Try. Fucks people off though.

bittersweet me said...

hurrah! for fucking people off, and for fucking your nearest and dearest.

Luka said...

Me - thank you muchly. I inted to continue to do both as often as I can. X

Ro said...

Damn ... I'm starting to feel old ;-)

Luka said...

Ro - gawd, tell me about it! The spirit is as gung ho as ever, but the body is a treacherous beast and wants to sit down with a nice glass of wine.