Monday, 18 February 2008


It's a big popularity game
To showcase the boring and bland
Until everyone's blog looks the same
And all those who differ are banned.

I know I have said as much before. Nothing has changed. I go browsing for something to interest me, inspire me, and just find more uniformity, more herd mentality, the same people commenting on the same blogs, on the same subjects.

A new person may turn up once in a while, usually because they are busy commenting on anything and everything in an attempt to establish themselves. I like the ones who suddenly realise they have backed the wrong horse - the Boudoir is not a sex blog, it is taking the piss out of sex blogs! - and quickly distance themselves, pledging allegiance to those with bigger hits. That amuses me greatly. It's still not enough to make it interesting though.

I've done what I set out to do. I ruffled a few feathers, flicked the Vs a bit. But now I find I am at a maximum level of cynicism and am not seeing the good even when it's there.

I can't decide whether to just fade into the background for a bit until - if - inspiration strikes again, or burn the Boudoir to the ground and claim on the insurance.


Lynsey said...

Please don't go. I just found your blog—and you're my role-model. Stay!

Amy said...

Nooooo. You can't leave!

Here's what you do. Much more interesting/fun. Take more pics of your yummy cleavage. Or feel free to head south...just a thought. I can come up with more perverted ideas if you need help (although I doubt that you do.)

But srsly, I love your blog. I would be very sad if you torched it. Please don't.

peter said...

I don't visit often but do enjoy reading you. I leave smiling, wondering why I don't spend more time here. Blogs do have a silly little thing is already past its "best before date."

I wish you well.

Freddy said...

Well of course you shouldn't just vanish Luka - we who have become addicted to your barbed take on life would miss you.
Why not turn your attention to blogs of other hues - the ones that rely upon their comments boxes to be interesting; the ones that write about their dull lives in the mistaken belief that writing about it makes it somehow interesting and exciting; the ones who just write, badly, about fuck all. There are so many targets for parody.

Put the matches down, and step away from that can of petrol!

Walker said...

Why go when you could expand your horizons.
I second what Amy said but I'm bias when it comes to cleavage.

I hope you don't go

bittersweet me said...

you are that squeeze of lemon that brings the whole blog batter to life ...

As freddy said; there is a world of blogs out there, all who need to have a torchlight shone up their crevices now and then.

Please stay different x x

Freddy said...

and another thing

if you go we'll miss your rhymes
and live in somewhat duller climes
your wit, your sparkle make us chuckle
don't give it up, don't bend and buckle

Jackie Adshead said...

Your blog Luka, is a breath of fresh air, I'm sure your ascerbic wit will return when you find something to whet your appetite. Perhaps you need to broaden your horizons to find something to excite you. What about a flower arrangers blog if there is such a thing? You could tell them where to stick their crysanthemums.... MMmmm.... perhaps we're back to the sex blogs again! Best stick with em, they are surely an endless source of piss taking when you're in the right mood?

Luka said...

Thank you all, I appreciate your kind and supportive comments.

I promise I will not do anything rash (she said, fiddling with her lighter) and will direct my discontented energy into new and possibly exciting directions.


bittersweet me said...


someone switched the drapes

Jackie Adshead said...

Love the new colour scheme - gone to the dark side, have we?

Luka said...

Me and Jackie - yes, I decided to revamp and reboot x

Ro said...

Grrrr ... trust me to find this so late. It just shows the perils of paid work.

I'm glad you decided to go for a revamp rather than destroying such an important piece of cultural heritage. After all, I've only recently found this blog and I need at least six months to get bored ;-)

Luka said...

Ro - better late than never. I never lost faith that you'd be back :)