Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Fancy helping a charity and getting your work in print? Then submit to my Charity Blog Mug - or "Blug" as I prefer to call it.

There are untold thousands of bloggers in dire need, languishing, unpublished, sobbing into their laptops. This is a tragedy that spans race, gender and class. It knows no boundaries. All over the world there are people typing away, failing to be noticed, posting their arses in desperation, sitting in darkened bedrooms, neglecting their loved ones in their endless quest for hits and that elusive book deal. With your help we can help them to help themselves.

All you need to do is join the Blugging phenomenon! Get mugged and help a fellow blogger finally see their work in print.

As you can see from the high quality images below, successful submissions will be lovingly recreated on a bone china mug. Simply select your preferred iconic blogging image to adorn the front and submit your finest piece of blog work to go on the back.

Submissions must be short enough to fit on a mug and not be published elsewhere, on a tea towel or fridge magnet, for example.

Completed mugs will cost a mere £10 each, with £7.50 going to the potter and the remaining £2.50 going to Blug Aid. A fantastic deal I am sure you'll agree. I am hoping to raise enough funds to pay a full time blog tart, who will help the most needy and desperate bloggers by endlessly upping their hits with repeat visits and commenting under a variety of guises to boost their perceived popularity levels.

Now, I know a tenner for a mug might sound like a lot, but remember - all those who are on a mug will buy a mug and so will their mum. It is a huge new audience for your work, plus you'll be helping a charity, so it's worth every penny!

God bless you, one and all.


Walker said...

Hmmm I don't know.
Looks kinda small, you know how long winded i can get and I am not a tea or coffee drinker.
Now if it was a tall stein filled with beer, well I'll take a case of those

Sulpicia said...

Is NOTHING sacred, you cynical old ratbag? Good one, Luka. Another good laugh on a winter day. You see? You will never run out of material.

Luka said...

Walker - if the Blug proves successful there may be scope for a vase later.

Sulpicia - no, indeed, I am wicked, bad and naughty.

Vi said...

So Luka, is this your submission to the blog book? Sorry, but we don't allow photos! ;P

peter said...

You are completely wicked and I have just snorted coffee out of my nose. Yuck.

Luka said...

Vi - that's where my Charity Blug has the edge then! A photo, a bit of text and a hot beverage (biscuits optional).

Luka said...

Peter - if you'd been snorting after reading my brilliant prose on a Charity Blug that coffee would have landed back in the mug. Thrifty *and* charitable, that's my idea.

EmmaK said...

Great idea....I'm going to have a picture of my chocolate starfish printed on a mug so that everyone can kiss my arse.

Anonymous Boxer said...

well, I do love my coffee...... and you know, I love ME, so this is actually a sweet little deal you have going on.

what's a "chocolate starfish"?

Freddy said...


This is why you should not even be contemplating burning down the boudoir!

I think you may have misread the potential market for the mugs though.
My mum, may she rest in peace, would not have bought mine, and I suspect that there would be any mums with a similar aversion to a mug with a picture of their child's adult arse featured upon it.
However... the market for a picture of shapely ankles in what I believe are known as 'fuck me' shoes could be substantial.

bittersweet me said...

I would like of those heat sensitive mugs, please, so my knickers disappear when i add hot water.

Not one for my Mum, i suspect.

Luka said...

Emma - a fantastic idea!

Anonymous Boxer - a chocolate starfish is much like a hairy spider.

Freddy - not *all* iconic blogger images involve arses. Some feature bosoms or poncy art crap.

Me - Wouldn't that be inconvenient, if your knickers disappeared every time someone made a brew?

Anonymous Boxer said...

I had to Google it. I wish I hadn't.

Princess Kiki said...

good shit!

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - I like to add "educational" to the long list of epithets attached to the Boudoir.

Princess Kiki - hello! Thank you muchly!

Ms Robinson said...

'Educational' indeed! Sorry I didn't get here earlier. On a deadline with the lapdancer. But I spat out hot water and lemon!!

Luka said...

Ms R - no worries, I will always wait. Think how much fun you'd have had spitting out hot water and lemon from your very own Blug!