Saturday, 26 January 2008

Nobody's Yes Woman

I won't say that it's good when it's bad
I won't say that it's sane when it's mad
I won't meekly swallow a lie
I won't blindly accept, I'll ask why

If it's wrong I won't tell you it's right
If you push me I'll put up a fight
I will question the facts if in doubt
I would rather talk to, than about

I don't take speculation as true
I don't listen to only one view
I don't tolerate hypocrisy
I'm nobody's yes-woman, you see


Curvaceous Dee said...

I really liked this, Luka. Especially the last stanza. Strength is apparent :)

xx Dee

Flowering Jasmine said...

Strength with zero aggression. Positive and truely you. x

bittersweet me said...

As Jasmine said ...

never change, dear Luka x

Jackie Adshead said...

And that's the best way to be, cos then everyone knows whats what. I just wish the rest of the world did the same,

having my cake said...

I love the way you do this. Take something that is clearly going on in your life and make really good verse out of it. Laureate Luka

Luka said...

Dee - thank you. My apparent strength hides a marshmallow core a lot of the time, but that's not entirely a bad thing :) x

Jasmine - you are, as ever, way to kind. Thank you. x

Me - I don't like change, so no worries there :) x

Jackie - exactly. I would far rather talk things through, upfront, no games, no guessing. I like people to be straight with me, I always appreciate an honest opinion, even if it differs from mine.

Cake - thank you. It is a habit of mine to brood, darkly. Slowly but surely a pattern of repeated thought will develop into a rhyme.
It gets it out of my mind if I can articulate it, somehow. I could do an analogy about oysters and how they make pearls from irritants, but that would ever so wanky and up myself.