Thursday, 10 January 2008

My Media Week

I have been electronically tagged by the divine Ms R. This means that I have to do her bidding or she sends several thousand jolts up my jacksy via the miracle of technology.

My task today, therefore, is to enlighten you all as to what I use to stimulate myself - well, to stimulate my brain, anyway.

On Paper

I am a voracious reader and a huge fan of libraries. What a fantastic, beneficial resource! I get to satiate my unending hunger for the written word without having to buy and house thousands of books. I am relatively undiscerning in my choices. Because I mainly frequent libraries, I find myself influenced by the category sticker the library staff have helpfully placed on the spine of the book. If it has a love heart (romance), a cowboy hat (Western), or a Richard and Judy Book Club sticker on it I'll leave it on the shelf. Anything else is fair game. I avoid anything I deem literary and pretentious. ("Proper" writing often seems to translate as tedious and incomprehensible. Why on earth do people think it's only literature if it's no fun at all and a bit of a chore to read? What's wrong with universal appeal and clarity of expression? What's wrong with a bit of blood and gore, a bit of humour, a bit of interest, for fuck's sake? Dickens and Shakespeare were both crowd pleasers in their day after all.) If I want to improve my mind with a worthy tome I will select a reference book on my chosen subject. If I pick up a novel it is for pleasure, for escapism. I like an author who can tell a good story and hold my interest. Consequently you will find Stephen King, Douglas Adams, Clive Barker and George Orwell, among others, on my bookcase.

I don't buy magazines, they're all shit. I do adore Viz though.

The only newspapers I read are local ones because I enjoy the small ads so much. ("For sale, wedding dress, size 24, never been worn" - could you write a more eloquent, pathos-laden story in fewer words?)

On Screen

There is fuck all worth watching on telly most nights, so I usually turn to my DVD collection to save the day. In the past week I've been enjoying various box sets I received for Christmas, including Peep Show, Green Wing and Bottom, though last night I decided to treat myself to a viewing of Queer as Folk. I love films too, especially horror flicks. I have a great fondness for zombie films in particular and can often be found laughing at the original Dawn of the Dead (I love the terrible mall music as sonic backdrop to the zombies on the ice rink - what can I say, it appeals to something within me!) I am particularly fond of the British take on the zombie genre and am much enamoured of 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead.

On Headphones

Ah, beloved music, where would I be without you? There is a constant battle of the radio stations between my husband and I. He likes Radio 4 (or Radio Smug, as I call it), I prefer my "jingle jangle" music, as he calls it. You can always tell who was last in the bathroom, or who last drove the car, by the station the radio is now tuned into. My taste in music is varied and to list all my favourite tracks would take too long. My current playlist includes Kate Bush, The Cure, Talking Heads, B52s, Pulp, Suede, Cocteau Twins, Muse, Garbage, Goldfrapp, Scissor Sisters, The Fratellis, The Feeling, Abba, The Pogues, The Divine Comedy and Mika. I make playlists for every activity. There are my party ones (birthday, halloween, generic), one for listening to while ironing, one for chilling out, one for making me happy.

On Teh Interwebs

I read an awful lot of sex blogs, purely for research purposes of course. I also read an awful lot of other blogs, purely for the pleasure of it. I always check out BBC News and then go for a Lolcats fix. What a complex creature of contrasts I am.

(Yes, that's right, it was a meme! And I thought about warning you at the top that it was, and you might want to skip it, as it's pretty dull stuff, really, but I didn't! Hah! Too late, you read it and now you have been exposed to meme and you may well now be a carrier yourself and it's all Ms R's fault!)


Ms Robinson said...

What do you do when Richard and Judy discover a not well known author that you have loved for fifteen years. I couldn't get the sticker off so I couldn't read it on public transport. Eventually I tore the corner of the book.

Love the small ads in newspapers. I must look in the Islington Tribune though fear all they will have for sale are knives and gun ('used')

Luka said...

Ms R - that is a useful top tip for removing Richard & Judy Recommended Reads stickers. But what do you do if it's a hardback?

Midnight said...

Was the seller of the wedding dress also advertising in the singles section? She sounds hot.

Freddy said...

I just don't know what the world is coming to
MsR, AND Luka indulging in memes?

I'm truly shocked

Luka said...

Midnight - I could get her number...

Freddy - I know. I am also shocked. I shall write something silly and/or sordid at once.