Monday, 14 January 2008

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Every day for twelve long months
You've told me the same woes
The tale of how she did you wrong
The pain no one else knows

You put her in a virtual cart
You shaved her virtual head
Paraded her through Blogger Town
No insult left unsaid

There's no one left who doesn't know
Just what she did to you
And how you've been so very hurt
As she was so untrue

And everybody gave you hugs,
At first, and sympathy
And everybody said "Poor you,
That's bad, we all agree."

But that was not enough for you
And nothing made it right
And so you lived it all again
In detail, every night.

So in the end they all said "Stop!
You're not to speak her name,"
And so, instead, you come to me
To vent and stamp and blame.

While those around you get divorced,
Split up or are bereaved
You prattle on, oblivious,
For you were once deceived!

You don't have the monopoly
On loss and hurt and pain
For she was yours for just nine weeks
Get over it, get sane!


iamnot said...

Owie...that's going to leave a mark.

Luka said...

iamnot - hello! Well, I am sympathetic, truly I am, but without a time machine there is nothing further I can do.

Freddy said...

Has it really been only a year?

Seems longer.

As ever Luka, your advice is sound and so very well put

puckrup said...

Enough is indeed enough.
Bravo, Luka, bravo.

puckrup said...

And may I add?....

A man who can't release his hate
Will end his years quite bitter
And finish lonely, sans friends or hope
Like Elvis, on the sh*tter

Ah thenk yew, ma'am...


Ms Robinson said...

Ok you could have just said 'get a life' but as usual you do it with style Luka.

Luka said...

Freddy - if it seems longer to you, you can only imagine how lengthy it feels to me (ooer) xxx

Puckrup - that is a very, very good bit of doggerel. Which actually contains wise

Ms R - I have been saying it for the last 365 days and it has fallen upon deaf ears. But a pithy poem on a low traffic blog grabs the attention like nothing else, it seems. xxx