Thursday, 24 January 2008

HMT - Fruity Special

Yeah? And how much fruit can you fit in your bra, eh? Or are you one of those lah-di-dah posh types who keeps it in a bowl instead?


Freddy said...

Well whatever the motivation for it, it's pretty obvious that those aren't Granny Smith's!

Sulpicia said...

If you loaned me your bra, I could probably fit in quite a few more fruit, actually. And no worries about lingering smells, I wash many times a day.

bittersweet me said...

oooh, snack time, goodie ;)

Jackie Adshead said...

.... And I expected melons from you, Luka.....

having my cake said...

Well it's the first time Ive ever heard them called Pink Ladies but I guess that's quite fitting really.

Flowering Jasmine said...

Dingbat or Fruitloop, Dingbat or Fruitloop.........which one shall i be? xx

Luka said...

Freddy - no, they are all mine x

Sulpicia - I will add it to my list of Boudoir Party Games for the big blogmeet yet to come.

Me - are you smuggling peanuts or are you just pleased to see my Pink Ladies?

Jackie - that's for my big nudie portrait one day.

Cake - quite so. I can tell you're a Golden Delicious type myself.

Jasmine - aha, I can see you are one of those who reads the small print :) I think you are a dingbat with fruitloop tendencies. I am more of a sociopath myself.

Freddy said...

I am concerned.....
I am neither dingbat, nor fruitloop
Siren, nor sociopath

what am I?

My first is in bum
but not in arse
my second in lover
and again, not in arse!
my third is in orgasm
and oral and ooooohh
but doesn't appear in a church seat,
that's a pew.
My fourth is in kiss
but not in cuddle
and my fifth is in sweet
and also in puddle
to be barred from the boudoir would be no joke
for a fellow who thinks of himself
as a ......

I am tall enough though, so can I continue to peek?
for the wit of the boudoir helps me through the week

Luka said...

Ah, Freddy, you are a lovely bloke! And I can see quite clearly that you are tall enough to go on this ride.

2 Dollar Productions said...

This is the best fruit bowl I've seen in quite awhile.

EmmaK said...

you are a jammy cow! you don't even need to pad out your bra with apples like we did as kids. I would probably have more need for the apples since my tits resemble wrinkled kiwi fruits (post breast feeding)

Luka said...

2 dollar productions - hello! Thank you. You should see my salad drawer.

Emma - the problem is when all of your body parts are equally as plentiful and there's barely room to fit a gherkin into your overstuffed underdrawers.