Sunday, 2 December 2007

Party Season Fun Quiz!

What kind of party animal are you? Will you be dusting off your dancing shoes and deciding which outfit to wear to the ball, or will you be sparking up your laptop and a cigarette for a more select get together online? Take my fun quiz to find out!

1. You are invited out for cocktails, but it clashes with your favourite TV programme. Do you:

A) Compromise by offering to host the cocktail party at your place instead.

B) Record the programme and go to the party, of course.

C) Watch the programme with your laptop on your knees and have a virtual cocktail party instead with your favourite blogging chums?

2. You're planning a dinner party. What's on your menu?

A) A home-cooked three course meal accompanied by carefully selected wines

B) Whatever the nearest takeaway is prepared to deliver

C) A pot noodle and a fag - the rest of the guests are online and in different continents after all?

3. You decide to play a party game. Is it most likely to be:

A) Charades

B) Spin the Bottle

C) A meme along the lines of "7 things no one knows you put up your bottom"?

4. Your favourite party outfit is:

A) Chic and exquisitely tailored

B) Colourful and fun

C) A Pot Noodle and fag ash stained dressing gown, a pair of bunny slippers and your laptop?

5. You decide to host a party of your own. Who is most likely to appear on your guest list:

A) Only your nearest and dearest friends and family members

B) All your friends, work colleagues and neighbours - the more the merrier

C) A couple of bloggers and that geezer you chat to on MSN?

So, how did you do? Tot up your scores to find out!

Mostly As - you are sociable and prefer quality over quantity when it comes to partying.

Mostly Bs - you are the life and soul of the party, full of fun and Bacardi Breezers.

Mostly Cs - you are a Firewallflower and should consider getting out more.


Sulpicia said...

Oh Luka... Just rip out my stupid heart, already. Do it. Put it in a poem. I might smile.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I'm B all the way! Watch out Christmas, here I come!!!!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Would you visit my blog? I need you to RSVP to something.....

Luka said...

Sulpicia - I would, but it's not that kind of party. The Pagan Rituals and Poetry Club is always on a Wednesday.

Vi - I suspected as much!

Anonymous Boxer - do I have to put down my Pot Noodle?

Freddy said...

I'm a bit conflicted here.... part of me is A, and part is B, but I'm rather partial to a Pot Noodle and a smoke....

'firewallflower' did you just coin that?

bittersweet me said...

Bs and a couple of As ... although 5.c has some appeal (and it would not be boring, i promise)

Freddy said...

5c....... hmmmmm should i be watching the in-box?

having my cake said...

All Bs here...

Flowering Jasmine said...

Did you see me buying that Pot Noodle in Tesco last week? You did, didn't you? Must go, i don't like it when they go cold........x