Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hobnob Session

I want you to watch me, chatting and laughing with all those other men. I want you to notice when I lick my lips, to see the line of my gaze, and know what I desire.

I want you to be the one to give me what I need.

I want you to make it how I love it - hot, wet and oh so sweet. Bring me tea. And a biscuit or two.

I want you to admire the way I sip that glorious liquid, my ruby red lips pressed to the porcelain as I drain your nectar. I want you to see how I swallow for you, swallow what you give me, again and again.

I want to hear your empassioned voice telling me how much I love it. Whisper to me as you bend over the coffee table with the tea tray. "You Biscuit Sucking Slut! You Tea Drinking Tart! Yeah baby, that's it, take it all!"

For you make the tea, and I drink it.


having my cake said...

LMAO. Priceless!

I have been Luka'd.

Although I should point out that I am a shortbread finger dunked in vanilla rooibos kinda gal x

bittersweet me said...

i spluttered my (fennel) tea all over my lap.

you are a tonic, Luka; to be sipped hourly and with much slapping of lips x

ArtfulSub said...


Jackie Adshead said...

Somehow....... I have two images running through my mind as I read your words, one is of a very demure Luka sipping elegant tea, and the other is of a more wanton Luka having her crumpet!

Your words a delight, as ever!!!!

iamnot said...

I may be willing to give up coffee now.
Nice to be seated with you at the boxer's party.

Luka said...

Cake - you inspired me, as ever x

Me - I am lipsmacking good, it's true!

Artfulsub - hello! You're a cheerful chap and no mistake.

Jackie - the two sets are both correct, of course.

Iamnot - tea with me is far more stimulating than espresso. And the pleasure is all mine.

Wendy said...

Um... I don't usually drink tea, but suddenly it sounds very appealing. And... warm. Although that might just be me having a hot flash.

moi said...

Hee! I need to visit more often. Thanks for dropping in on Moi's Blob and for your compliments on the shoes. Yours are fabulous as well.

JetPass said...

Green or black tea....these things are important.

Happy Holidays!

See you at AB's.

Tara Tartly said...


but what about teabagging?

good god, i really am morphing into a teenage boy, aren't i? somebody fuck me...i mean, help me.

she said...

grrrerhahahaha! i loveth deeply and purely the black pearl silk tents ...dunked lovingly and slowly up and down into the hot until the strength of it pulls me to it and the heat ...oh f*ck it im not a sex writer! grrerhahaha nice shoes. thanks for stopping by my dog pen

Juno Henry said...

You are truly a genius. Only a genius could make a cuppa and a chocolate Hobnob sound as sexy as addicts of same know that they actually are.


Juno x

Luka said...

Wendy - hello! Well I do like to keep things heated in the Boudoir.

Moi - you are very welcome! How could I resist those killer heels?

Jetpass - I am currently a big fan of ginger in my tea, so neither green nor black, more a kind of murk.

Tara - ah yes, teabagging. I am far more likely to be found using one of those little silver hinged devices for the squeezing of teabags than attempting to empty the contents by other means.

She - hello! That was a fine start to a sex blog style post - I've read worse, believe me.

Juno - you are way too kind, but thank you. I lap up praise the way I lap up my ginger tea.