Monday, 5 November 2007

Proper Filth

I can write it, you know. But I always want to make it silly halfway through my supposed erotic scene. Why is that?


EmmaK said...

Because sex is funny, that's why. As Woody Allen said, "Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing." But I think it's even better if you laugh....not all the way through it, but, you know, if they condom won't go on properly etc.

puckrup said...

Because sex is funny, yes, and both are about joy, and (Jesu, I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag here, good lady) you are rather superb in your expressions of joy. Sex plus laughter is a fabulous combination. Yummy!

having my cake said...

Wot they said. There's something so carefree about being able to laugh whilst being that intimate.

Luka said...

Emma, Puck and Cake - yes, I agree, laughter is an important component in a healthy sex life, and it should not be a joyless affair. Most of my writing reflects that and I am consistently irreverent. Still, it is a challenge for myself. Can I write a proper bit of filth, no messing?

Sulpicia said...

Agreeing with everyone, but I dare you. You ARE always up to a challenge. Or maybe your piece of filth will also have funny bits? AND why do you want to stop messing? Are you falling ever more deeply in love or something? You seem to be more nakedly self-questioning. (Blog-wise.)

Oh just write the piece of filth however you write filth.

Oops. It's been a long week or something. The wine is going to my head.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I have laughed in church, at funerals and in bed... it's not a nervous habit as much as I have a hard time taking things serious.

Still, I believe you can write the filth, Luka. I have faith.

Freddy said...

The challenge would be to write it filthy and funny.
Perhaps involving an older guy with a winning smile :-)
and maybe a librarian with a healthy disrespect for the 'Quiet' signs.

Juno Henry said...

Because humour is more significant in your written life than out-and-out debauched filth.

Plus, as a writer, ipersonally find humour harder to write than filth, so i'd also say it was because you're supremely talented.

(Cheques can be sent to the usual address.)

Luka said...

I think much is to blame on having read Lady Chatterley' Lover According to Spike Milligan at an impressionable age. He was great at lampooning writers, from D H Lawrence to Dylan Thomas. If you've not read his version of Lady Chatterley, I highly recommend it. The sex scenes are hysterical.(Goes off to look for it)

Luka said...

Here we go, a couple of short extracts from Spike's take on D H Lawrence:

Through the window she watched him working, solitary and intent, like an animal that works alone, unlike the hyena that hunts in packs, or elephants that work in herds, or the Cape hunting dog who also hunts in packs of up to twenty dogs. There was something in this man that touched Constance's womb, quite a feat considering he was ninety feet away.

"It's nice here," she told him. "Do you lock up the hut when you're not here?"

"Oh, no," he said. "You can't lock up the hut when you're not here, you have to be here to do that."

"Do you think I could have a key too; do you have two keys?" she said.

"Not as ah know on, ther' isna'."

He had lapsed into the vernacular, when he came out he was covered in it.


"Shall us go i' the 'ut," he said.

My God, thought Constance, he's gone into the vernacular. They went inside, he brushed away the chicken shit and laid the blanket down.

"'Ave you left your underthings off?" he asked her.

"Yes, she said, "They're at the laundry."

"Aye, well then I'll take my things off too." He took off his shoes, one sock and trousers. "Lie down," he said.

He stood over her in his shirt, she looked up and saw what looked like a plucked chicken. He then sprang on her, he started fiercely fondling her breasts, it was more like an osteopathic massage.

"For God's sake, go easy," she said. "You'll have them off!"

"Ee, but tha'rt wa' nice."

Yet more of that terrible vernacular! She put her arms around him under his shirt, seeking for his skin. Alas! in the way was his Army vest. As he banged away, his contracting and uncontracting buttocks seemed ridiculous to her, he was gradually, she realized, thrusting her up the blanket to where all the chicken shit was. He noticed it and pulled her back again. Hadn't this all happened before? Indeed it had (See p. 405.)

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Because you've got a sense of humour, nothing wrong with that!

bittersweet me said...

Ee, reet funny.

I've been laughing all night, and now i'm laughing again and it's beginning to HURT.

Jackie Adshead said...

You've got a delightfully wicked sense of humour and you can't help lampooning things, including your serious writing, and yourself. Its a wonderful talent! I'd love to read your erotic writing, whether it veers off to the surreally silly or not.

having my cake said...

That's really good. Ive always loved Spike Milligan's writing - my kids adored his poems but I found his television comedy rather strange.

Amy said...

I have a different hypothesis as to why you make it funny. I personally feel very vulnerable when I write something that is very intense (like you did in your next post). Adding a goofy aside or a little silliness makes me feel less vulnerable (like your little joke at the end). It releases the tension. And it's as if I'm thinking, well if it's not sexy at least they know I have a sense of humor. Maybe "tears of the clown" and all that? Does that make sense?