Friday, 16 November 2007


You bring me so much pleasure
You give me so much pain
You keep my buried treasure
You are my secret stain
You liberate my passion
You tie me up in knots
Your love flows without ration
Your torment cramps and clots.


Freddy said...

No comment. nope, nothing.

I'm not *that* much in touch with my feminine side.

I can do hugs and hair stroking in these circumstances, but....


Luka said...

Thank you, Freddy x

Flowering Jasmine said...

You make want to rhyme things....i try but no, i'll just never be as good.
Luka, i loved that xx

bittersweet me said...

you keep me waiting
an ambush to my fling.

you rock, Luka

Sulpicia said...

I'll be muttering this ode to myself over the next few days. Might even stick it to the hot water bottle, lest I forget the good parts.