Sunday, 21 October 2007

Thank You For Your Indiscrimination

Someone has to do it, and I'm glad it isn't me
You take the kind of lovers I eschew
You've spread 'em for the losers, the loners and the lame
Fucking those that no-one else would want to.

I would shake your hand but I have read where it has been!
Still, leaving all my little jokes aside
By keeping all those weirdos in your pants and off the streets
It really is a service you provide.


EmmaK said...

Brilliant stuff Luka. It's amazing how some people will sleep with the dregs of humanity without even asking for payment! I guess some people just want a warm body beside them in bed, a 'friend'. And eventually they don't care if it's a cold body, and then it's a rocky road to becoming a serial killer. Ho hum.

amy said...

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. :D

Anonymous Boxer said...

Very nice of you to give credit where credit is due.

bittersweet me said...

Fresh batteries in an old favourite might be a better bet, otherwise you get losers with a distorted sense of worth.

Luka said...

EmmaK - cold bodies can always be warmed up again in the microwave.

Amy - and I am very pleased they do.

Anonymous Boxer - I always try acknowledge the efforts of others.

Me - wise words.