Thursday, 4 October 2007

Statistics and Ballistics

Today I did something I very rarely do. I browsed through my statistics and had a look at where people come from when they visit my blog.

Do you guys remember this highlight from August? Now, if you can be arsed, scroll down to the comments and read the one from Anonymous.

All water under the bridge now, of course.

And yet, as I perused my website referrers I discovered this. (So, that's who you are, Anonymous! Why didn't you just say so? If you'd been open enough to direct me to your post at the time I would have happily responded to the points you raised. As it is, rather than "reasoned debate from an old bear" coming "hard", it appears to come from a safe distance without any danger of an actual dialogue occurring. Still, that way you get to strut a bit in front of the laydeez and make out you bravely slayed the big, bad dragon.)

The comments (on this particular post, and others) do rather give the lie to the claim "I know none of these people" but they are amusing, nonetheless.

So, this last comment from the Anonymous Jungle VIP:

"Despite all the protestation.
She'll be more careful next time I think. Eiether that, or be worse."

Pretty much covers all the options there. No flies on that old bear. But what do you think, gentle readers? Have I become more careful or have I become worse?


Freddy said...

It's a small world isn't it?

Have you become more careful? Or worse?
Neither I'd say. You are still the one, the only, the inimiatable, Luka xx

Anonymous Boxer said...

It depends, is that your arse or your elbow?

You're still Luka, baby, all the way.

Jackie Adshead said...

Without trying to get too serious or heavy - just be yourself, cos that's the way we love ya!

having my cake said...

I clearly dont know my arse from my elbow cos Ive no idea what that's all about!

bittersweet me said...

You are, and always will be, yourself, for which we are all very grateful.

Luka said...

Thank you all, you are, of course, quite right. I am the same grumpy old harridan I always was. Hurrah!

Ms Robinson said...

Nobody could dissuade you from whatever course you chose to take and that is why I admire you.

Luka said...

Thank you, Ms R. You are a perceptive woman.