Sunday, 7 October 2007


God, I'd like to slap you
You silly fucking bitch
Kick you in the chuff box
And scratch you like an itch.

You arouse my passions
In ways you'd not foreseen
You emit an aura
That makes me feel unclean.

God, I want to smack you
You utter waste of space
Push you off your slingbacks
And watch your fall from grace.


Anonymous Boxer said...


bittersweet me said...

*tip toes out of the room very quietly*

Juno Henry said...

I'd *so* buy a ticket to watch that.

Luka said...

It's ok, I've had some biscuits now and my blood sugar levels are back at the sky high limits at which I function best. This means I am no longer insanely annoyed by stupid people and am instead mildly amused.

Freddy said...

did i miss something? I think I'll nip off and read the usual suspects to see what upset you so.

having my cake said...

The grumpy old harridan is back... I only rambled on about my penchant for tall handsome rugby players...
*Cake enjoys poking the lion through the bars of the cage and then runs away very swiftly*

Luka said...

Freddy - no, nothing in particular, just having a grumpy moment.

Having My Cake - you'll be back.

Jackie Adshead said...

Er..............does she KNOW??!?