Monday, 1 October 2007


You find me exhausted and content.

I have had four days of intense mental stimulation, some physical exertion, and constant company. I have eaten good food, drank far too much wine, danced, entertained, acted, reacted, and laughed. I have not slept enough.

I am, however, no longer bored. I have not yet fully caught up on those blogs I frequent in these parts, it's true, but I am confident I shall be able to find something interesting this time round.

In the meantime let's have a gander at the comments on my boring post, below.


Freddy said...

bugger looking at the comments on the last post - I'm going to start commenting on the new one, despite the fact that I have nothing to say really other than that I am glad you had four days of intense whatever it was (was that all a euphemism for getting plenty?).

BTW Now you're back I expect to see your arse on Thursday!

having my cake said...

Come on, Luka, it must be time for Heavenly Nether-regions Thursday :)

Im sure all your regulars would support you in this endeavour by blogging their own arses.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Sorry, Luka, but your ass is expected to be here.

Freddy said...

The bandwagon of support is rolling Luka...

I'm sure that cake and ab will bare theirs with us too, won't you girls?

having my cake said...

My Heavenly Nether-regions Thursday post is already prepared :)