Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cheer the Fuck Up

Go on. Have a laugh.

It won't split your face in half

Sitting there so dour

With a face to turn milk sour

Puts me off my wine

Stop looking so malign

Give us all a smile

Or would that cramp your style?

Angst is such old hat

You miserable twat.


bittersweet me said...

*splutters fennel tea*

what on earth have you been watching on tv, Luka?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

nope, sorry. Didn't make me laugh. Still sitting here like a miserable twat. Thanks for trying anyway. ;P

EmmaK said...

Actually I'm pretty cheerful today, due to an extended masturbation session, plus a mocha and a chocolate chip scone. Bottoms Up!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm feeling pretty chipper myself, but if I had been a dour old grumpy git, this would have perked me straight up.

Sulpicia said...

oh, christ. hat and twat do NOT rhyme. so here we go again... aabbccdd... and what's that business at the end? you led me to expect rhyming couplets. please don't tell me "hat" is pronounced "hot" or that "twat" is pronounced... nevermind. i suppose i got your damn point anyway. (exposes teeth in a fake grin to go with a fake rhyme.)

Juno Henry said...

Hat and twat totally rhyme. Maybe not in the States, but there's a reason it's called *English* ya know.

And i love when you wax poetic, Luka. Always cheers me up. Twat and everything.

Freddy said...

how do hat and twat not rhyme?

Didn't Dr Seuss write
"when I wear my hat I look like a twat
a twat with a cat and a silly hat
I lay on the mat and look like a twat
when i wear my stupid twatty hat"

Luka said...

Me - watching TV when there's so many entertaining things to read? As if I would!

Vi - well that's no good, I must try harder.

Emma - the things you get up to in Starbucks delight me!

Anonymous Boxer - I am sure I would never have cause to call you dour.

Sulpicia - Cheer the Fuck Up!

Juno - you are, of course, quite right about the rhyming.

Freddy - I like it, but where are the accompanying illustrations?

having my cake said...

*Consumes additional B Vitamins and Magnesium to fight off the hormones and smiles broadly...*

Sulpicia said...

As one born in the region formerly known as Rupert’s Land, and a citizen of the Commonwealth, I humbly thank you for pointing out such an appalling gaffe.

Now cheering the fuck up.

Freddy said...

Sadly, my dear Luka, I can't draw
Maybe puckrup could provide a suitable image, or images?
Do you think there's a book deal in it?

puckrup said...

I am very tempted to illustrate this one, perhaps with a morose twat in the hat eschewing Emma's erotic sconefest...

Luka said...

Cake - ah, if it's hormones you're fighting I can endure a little dourness.

Sulpicia - I encourage dissent in the Boudoir, it makes for more interesting reading.

Freddy - now you've done it.

Puckrup - go on then, get your nib out.