Wednesday, 5 September 2007


There you go, Amy.

Pussy with attitude.

(Well, what else could I do with that meme? Other than posting a picture of my womanly parts, of course, and I'm saving that for HMT.)


Amy said...

I LOVE it!!! You so rock!

(Did you see our earlier Catwoman post?)

Ms Robinson said...

Man has tagged me too Luka but I am still searching for my pussy.

puckrup said...

Now THAT is the only kinda catwalk I'd travel to see! Just wondering if you'd pick one in particular for your wardrobe...? Let's go shopping! OwwwOOOOOOo....

Anonymous Boxer said...


Luka said...

Amy - I do so rock. I am da rockingest. Not seen your catwoman post to which you refer, I must go look.

Ms Robinson - you must follow the sound of purring.

Puckrup - that's a lot of latex you're looking at.

Anonymous Boxer - purrrrr.