Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Licking Song

La la la la labia
A taste of honey on your lips
La la la la labia
So luscious when your passion drips.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Mmmmm, passion honey :)

xx Dee

Angela-la-la said...

Short and sweet. I resemble this post.

Hazel said...

*retches* (sp?) Pass the friggin' sick bucket!! lol

Amy said...

So am I bi if I think this sounds hot to me?

bittersweet me said...

i'm with amy ;)

Luka said...

Dee - long live the bees of passion (Big, Bold and Beautiful)

Angela-la-la - it is a perfect fit.

Hazel - not a passion honey fan then?

Amy - absolutely, you saucy wench.

Bittersweet Me - see above.

Amy said...

ooOOooo Bittersweet is with ME! I AM bi! Yay!

And saucy. But I knew I was saucy.