Thursday, 27 September 2007


It's all so fucking tedious! Dull dull dull dull.

I am off to have Real Life(tm) fun and am not coming back online until something interesting happens. Which, let's face it, is most likely to be my return.


Angela-la-la said...

Oi, ya cheeky mare! It's my blogday, that's not dull!

Oh, and I have a blog I'd love to see you satirise, I'll mail it to you.

Freddy said...

Luka takes careful aim and once again ... yep Bullseye!

Where'e the arse pic?? I'm not showing mine till I know you're showing yours.

The Man With Secrets said...

Oh dear. Is someone feeling in need of more attention ...?

(see previous post for detils)

Anonymous Boxer said...

Pictures? Did Freddy say pictures??

having my cake said...

How do you write the noise a chicken makes? Bwuck, bwuck, bwuck-bwuck x

Z said...

Oh no! And to think that everyone has been so busy scribbling away at their little blogs in the hopes of keeping you entertained.

Never mind, dear Luka, we will all try harder, and in the meantime we shall so miss your brilliant biting wit, because, let's face it, Blogland really needs you.

We'll call you when it gets exciting again.

Sulpicia said...

This post gave me nightmares.

Ms Robinson said...

So I nominated your poem for Post Of the Week to piss you off and they didn't short list you so I'm sorry I can't piss you off by putting you in mediocre company. x

bittersweet me said...

*whistling artlessly while aimlesly wandering through, just in case*

Jackie Adshead said...

It comes to something, when all these people visit, on the off chance that you've posted something new, and we still come even when there's nothing to look at - we just stare in awe at the big hole that Luka HASN'T written in!!

WOW, that's an AWESOME POWER you've got there, Luka!!!

Luka said...

Angela-la-la - Happy (belated)Blogday! Please do mail me details of the blog you'd like me to satirise. I like requests.

Freddy - my arse pic will have to wait until I have stopped sitting on it, drinking and talking bollocks.

Man - that's the joy of Real Life(tm) chums. I can leave the interwebs alone entirely for a few days while I get my attention fix in glorious 3-D and sense-o-surround.

Anonymous Boxer - Freddy did indeed say pictures, he being a man and a fan of the visual.

Having My Cake - very good!

Z - I had to wee on my monitor to counteract the effects of the acid content of that comment, you know.

Sulpicia - the human pysche is a complex thing.

Ms R - awww, thank you for nominating me. I am shocked and stunned that my post wasn't automatically awarded an award, a book deal and it's own ITV serialisation, frankly. Still, that's because they're all CLIQUES. All of 'em. (Looks shiftily from side to side and clutches tin foil hat, tightly).

Me - I'm back now, so pucker up and blow...

Jackie - I am a fortunate woman indeed, to have so many lovely people looking for me when I go astray.