Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Thing Is...

You dust your lies with glitter
I have never been impressed
You think that means I'm bitter
I am sure that means I'm blessed

I love my independence
And I don't follow the herd
Few deserve my reverence
And your words leave me unstirred

It doesn't mean I'm joyless
If I find no joy in you
It only means I possess
An alternate point of view


Lady in red said...

I will follow the herd at a distance and tread my own path just to the side of that trodden by the rest

Jackie Adshead said...

I hope you always have an alternative point of view - but then, that means you'll disagree with me!...... Mmmmmm, either way -I love your outlook on life! Its deliciously caustic, but humourous with it!!

bittersweet me said...

NEVER bitter .. maybe the wicked fairy ... and all the devils inside, but never bitter, and always such joy.

Luka said...

Lady in Red - sounds like a good plan to me.

Jackie - thank you. My views do coincide with others from time to time :)

Me - I am full of honeyed loveliness, it's true. Thank you, darling, for your kind words.

Freddy said...

We should set this to music.
I'm thinking maybe something from the Arcade Fire style - big grand sounds. Maybe two drummers, a horn section, big sounds to celebrate independence of thought.

Luka said...

Freddy - eventually we wil have Barbed Wire Boudoir - the Musical!