Monday, 12 November 2007

Shitasm #8

Congratulations to my dearest blog friends, Slutty Fuck, Fucky Slut and Sucky Flut, for being this weeks top picks! Wow, you guys are the hottest. I would shake your hands but I can see they are busy elsewhere.

(Insert nudie lady picture here - preferably one with pneumatic boobs like lightly oiled spacehoppers)

The shittest of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Shitasm participants. Want in Shitasm #9? Submit a link to your shittest post of the week using the comments box below. Participants, repost the shit list within a week, to the annoyance of anyone looking for something that doesn't appear as an identical feature on every adult themed shit blog, and you’re all set.

This Week's Picks

The Judicious Use of the Word Fuck

"If I could also find a way to add 'slut', 'whore' or 'cunt' to the title of my post I would be sure to be in the top 3 picks for the 24th week running."

Don't Forget the Lube!

"A bit of back door action doesn't do any harm either when you want to be sure your post will be the chosen one."

Double Penetration Group Sex Orgy Cumslut Fuckfest - With Pictures!

"And as I saw my sexy post had been chosen as the best sexy post, from the past week, ever, I pulled out and sprayed my hot, sticky seed all over the keyboard."


EmmaK said...

Thank you for nothing Luka! I especially had a clit ring put in and posted two dozen photos of my labs/clit/ring on my blog.I have had dozens of prurient comments and yet I don't get a mention in your Shittest of the Shit. May your breasts sag ever southward and your nose grow warts!

Sugasm Slut said...


Actually, i raise that to a


bittersweet me said...

woe. I'm just not slutty enough.

*must try harder*

LMAO at the vision of sticky seed on keyboard - that will live with me for some time.

having my cake said...

Bitch! You gave away all my ideas. How am I ever going to get another pick now?
*Sobs into the microskirt of her specially purchased pvc nun's habit, inserts a cucumber up her jacksie and poses for the camera*

Luka said...

Emma - you need to be more extreme than that if you want to make the list! I suggest going on the game so you can post about those of your clients who like to stick their willies into a bag full of mousetraps, or something.

Sugasm Slut - Don't laugh it off - you'll be needing that later!

Me - sticky seed on the keyboard does tend to linger.

Cake - that's the spirit! If at first you don't succeed, suck sticky man seed instead.