Sunday, 12 August 2007

Shitasm #7

Sun 12th August, 07

The shittest of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them.

Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Shitasm participants. Want in Shitasm #8? Submit a link to your shittest post of the week using the comments box below. Participants, repost the shit list within a week, to the annoyance of anyone looking for something that doesn't appear as an identical feature on every adult themed shit blog, and you’re all set.

This Week's Picks

Response to "Posting Typsy"
"I thinl AMy coukld handle double penetration. I notice my little cunt isn;t twalking about THAT yet. God. The second Maragarita is getting to me."

Tattered Remnants
"His touch. My sigh. We are light, we are oxygen. We are beautiful and evocative. I cry. He cums on my tits and leaves."

"Bollocks! Arse! Big fat hairy elephant fannies!"


The Man With Secrets said...

I thought for a moment that that last one was referring to me. And then I remembered: I prefer my big fat elephant fannies to be shaved.

Luka said...

And that's why we can never go back to the zoo.

Lady in red said...

but dont you think returning to the zoo shaved would give the keepers a mystery to try solving

Luka said...

Lady in Red - I am sure they would be wondering where we found such a large razor.