Friday, 3 August 2007

Shitasm #6

Fri 3rd August, 07

The shittest of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Shitasm participants. Want in Shitasm #7? Submit a link to your shittest post of the week using comments box below. Participants, repost the shit list within a week, to the annoyance of anyone looking for something that doesn't appear as an identical feature on every adult themed shit blog, and you’re all set.

This Week's Picks

Slut is a Feminist Issue
"And the reviewer had the cheek to say we'd be better off reclaiming the word "dull" since our endlessly dreary posts on the subject had taken them to new levels of understanding of the word!"

Fanny By Gaslight
"Excuse me, young man, but you appear to have your moustache in my woman's area."

Luka's Bazookas
"Would I be less of a bitch
If someone would scratch my itch?
Would I stop causing a ruck
If I simply had a fuck?"


Jackie Adshead said...

I quite enjoyed Luka's Bazookas, I didn't reaslise you were only flashing them in that provocative manner as a blatant advert for sex!!

Luka said...

Jackie - is there another reason?

Jackie Adshead said...

Um..... yes..... how about..for brightening the mundane lives of your avid readers and enhancing the world in general?

Also, I think I'm so used to looking at boobs, that I also consider their artistic merit.... so I'd consider that a reasonable reason too!

Luka said...

Those, rather like my bosoms, are good points, well made.

EmmaK said...

thinking about hairy pits...I was also wondering if the term 'carpet muncher'will soon go out of favor given the trend for no pubic hair in would be a shame to lose such a wonderfully offensive phrase. What now I wonder, "Oh, she's a Brazilian licker?" The mind boggles.

Isabella Snow said...

LOL, I hadn't heard of this one!

Luka said...

EmmaK - good question. Lino Licker?

Isabella - I like to think there is an educational side to the Boudoir and we all learn something here.

Richard said...

I want in on some of this action.

Here's my shittiest post - the spelling alone is offensive.

I even spelt "tipsy" wrong.

Typos all through it.

*happily awaits next week and Shitasm # whatever the number was she said was next*

Luka said...

Richard - thank you! I shall enter you into the Shitasm immediately. (NB - the Shitasm has been delayed by a day or teo due to unforeseen drunkeness)

bittersweet me said...

unforeseen drunkeness, lol ... don't let it sneak up on you like that, Luka!

Luka said...

Me - in my defence, I was in the company of pooves, and they always bring me wine and get me over-excited.