Thursday, 16 August 2007

Now Hiring

Situation vacant
Confidant required
Must have sense of humour
Delight me and you’re hired

You’ll be working online
Most evenings, some weekends
Putting in the hours reaps
Rewards and dividends

Situation vacant
Please enquire within
Uniform provided
Fits like a second skin

Candidates are welcome
To send in their CV
Interviews will follow
Come sit upon my knee

Situation Vacant
To keep me entertained
Send your application
And you’ll be fully trained


Angela-la-la said...

As I said to someone else this week by way of selling myself - I have three saucepans and a pyrex dish, will that do ya?

Freddy said...

Could you perhaps expand on the training offered ...

Lady in red said...

surely freddy it would be you who does the expanding

bittersweet me said...

I am easily swayed by a uniform, but dislike ironing. would this be a problem?

having my cake said...

The last time I sat on someone's knee, they confused me with a ventriloquist doll... *Eyes watering*

Ms Robinson said...

I think the next step is to devise the kind of psychometric testing you expect them to undergo. I am curious.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I also believe that thorough intervewing is important before hiring any "new help." Hmmm, are back ground checks too much?

Luka said...

Angela-la-la - I am impressed. That gets you on my shortlist.

Freddy - it involves flipcharts, coloured pens, a pointy stick and an instructional DVD.

Lady in Red - ooh, good double entendre.

Me - I can make the uniform tight enough to not need ironing.

Having My Cake - you make that sound like a *bad* thing.

Ms Robinson - they are a mix of personality and aptitude tests. They are working well so far.

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - it's a very thorough process, but a most rewarding position.