Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Introducing The Banned

It's still fairly early days for The Boudoir, though I have had an online presence in many differing forms and formats since the 90s. In that time, along with making some fantastic friends, I have also had spirited arguments, a few feuds and encountered my fair share of total twats.

However, I have never banned anybody from my forums, or even deleted so much as a comment.

I don't mind if people disagree with me. I enjoy a good debate, an argument, a ruck. It fires my synapses and I spark and fizz. I don't mind if people are rude. It doesn't make me look bad, and it means I can dive deep, really plumb the depths, to be as gratuitously offensive in return as I possibly can.

I'm trying to think what would make me ban somebody, other than them posting obvious spam or illegal images.

What are everyone else's thoughts on the subject? Have you ever deleted a comment? Or banned somebody altogether? And if so, why? Or why not?


Anonymous Boxer said...

Well, I have no comments on my blog and partly because I knew if I got one lousy remark I'd probably toss the whole thing. AND stalk that person. AND locate them. AND do mean things to them.

bittersweet me said...

yes, i deleted a comment once, but only because it hinted at personal details of a lover, so, for his protection, i had to get rid.

I am a little disappointed that i don't inspire more rabid commenting, as it would give me a opportunity to get fired up. oh well. a little disagreement can be so much fun.

Anon comments irritate me; it is so easy to make up some sort of label that identifies nothing, but at least seperates you from all the other anon ...

Ms Robinson said...

I would certainly ban someone if they were not intelligent:I only want clever people to comment on my blog.

Would you ban me Luka if I said that "you seem to infer that all men fancy you all the time." Miss ABBY LEE, that most fanciable of women, banned me for that.

having my cake said...

I was almost banned from a forum once. I know, it's hard to believe cos Im the most politest person wot I know! I was a newbie and I took issue with the chief moderator at his tone with some of the other contributors. Basically, if they didnt agree with him, he threatened to ban them. English was not his first language and I think sometimes that irony and humour were lost on him. We had a very polite debate too and fro and in the end I banned myself cos it was worse than having an argument with my teenager!

Freddy said...

I was banned once, but it seems I was only banned for a short period.
Not sure why either thing happened.

The Man With Secrets said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jackie Adshead said...

I've not had the pleasure of deleting an obnoxious comment... yet! I tend to consider that its a fine line between nice comments and nasty ones. And once I post a truely negative and destructive comment it might well open a floodgate!!

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - you are a dedicated woman. I like that.

Me - yes, a little spirited debate is entertaining both to participate in and to read. I've never understood why "anon" posters don't make up a comedy name either.

Ms Robinson - quite right, too. Though laughing at the stupid has its charms. No, I would not ban you for such a comment, but I am completely secure in my own worth and the dissension of another doesn't rock my world on its axis.

Having My Cake - an interesting angle, banning oneself to save a lot of hassle in the long term. Trust you to be different. :)

Freddy - I blame testosterone levels.

Man - you have become very arsey lately. I suggest a cup of camomile tea and a wank. Works for me.

Luka said...

Jackie - the trick is to leave those double edged comments that can be read either way. They're an art form.

The Man With Secrets said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luka said...

*Slurps tea*

*Fondles womanly parts*

*Urge to be arsey....falling*

Yes, my prickly pear, I can happily confirm it does work. Of course, you can always replace tea with chocolate, or Mogadon or something if it helps.

bittersweet me said...

lol @ mogadon. Chocolate and a wank should be a daily prescription.

Just wondering, Freddy, whether it is be worse to be banned (a certain smug delight can be attained) and then to be re-instated? As if to say; you have been good, and hence your voice may be heard once more ...

Far better to let the comment box-ers speak loudly and damn themselves with their own neuroses.

I shall keep an eye out for those sneaky double edge remarks, Luka (and MsR)

Lady in red said...

if freddy was banned from commenting how would they know if he was being good or not if he cant say anything.

I guess its like when I block my ex b/f on msn then after a few weeks unblock him to see what he does

Jackie Adshead said...

Yes, they're an artform Luka. I look to you for inspiration!

Freddy said...

It turns out I'm free to comment once more
I'm free to say what I please
I may not be a welcome guest
But now I can comment with ease

But words that can't be mis- construed
Can be awfully hard to find
So some of my comments may just have to stay
Where they originate, just in my mind

So I'll self-censor for now
Bite my tongue if I must
Keep my thoughts to myself
Which may be hard but I'll do it...... just

(there is almost certainly a better last line than that somewhere)

Lady in red said...

freddy as far as im concerned you can say whatever you like even if I do get the wrong idea sometimes

Luka said...

Me - that's the kind of medicine I am most likely to take.

Lady in Red - that's a very good point!

Jackie - aw, you are way too kind.

Freddy - love it, I guffawed, so I did.

Freddy said...


MonMouth said...

Apart from the occasional shower of spam comments, I've rarely deleted any comments except by request (e.g, "Ack, I was drunk, left a comment on your blog, and now the world may know that I'm an accountant in Leeds. Please delete!").

I've found that the most vitriolic responses come via email, not comments. Am I alone in this?



Luka said...

Hello, Monmouth. Interesting...I have had one "complaint", for want of a better word, by email but nowhere near as many as I'd expect.