Thursday, 23 August 2007

History Repeating

One of my earlier posts touched upon this subject. The way that, once the basic sexual scenarios have been exhausted, the average sex blogger has to turn to other methods to keep their readers interested, with varying degrees of success.

For those of you who have been following another blog elsewhere you may, now, be familiar with the sexual practice of "figging". In essence, this is where you insert a "finger" of peeled ginger root into the anus, to induce a harmless, but intense, burning sensation.

What is less well know is that the word originates from a much older term, "feague", the definition of which is:

"To feague a horse; to put ginger up a horse’s fundament, and formerly, as it is said, a live eel, to make him lively and carry his tail well."

Basically it was a trick used to present an old, tired beast as a younger, livelier model.

It is interesting to see the old practice of sticking ginger up the ringpiece to try to flog a dead horse is alive and well in blogland.


bittersweet me said...

i keep coming back to stare in wonderment and awe. priceless.

Ms Robinson said...

Dorothy Parker would be proud.

EmmaK said...
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EmmaK said...

Oh Luka, I bow at the feet of your erudition! Now, going off to find a live eel to stick up my fundament.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I had to resort to the Internet for an education on figging, but you've enlightened me more today than I could have ever hoped.

Produce shopping will now never be the same.

Luka said...

Me - it is hypnotic, isn't it?

Ms R - I do hope so. She's a hard act to follow, though I am doing my best in terms of alcohol consumption.

EmmaK - they are slippery buggers, you might need some super-grippy rubber gloves.

Anonymous Boxer - I always hope to educate as well as entertain. Indeed, a trip to the shops has taken on a whole new element for me.

Isabella Snow said...

Oh. My. God.

Poor horses!!

Luka said...

Isabella - my thoughts exactly!