Saturday, 18 August 2007


"I'm very orgasmic, I am" she wrote
"I can come just from reading a text.
I don't need your hands
On my mammary glands
Just some chat, cos I'm that highly sexed."

"I'm ever so manly, I am" he wrote
"You could come just from reading my blog.
Read how I'm hung
How I'm skilled with my tongue
And a right horny old Alpha dog."

"Oh, I'm such a cynic, I am" I wrote
"And I have to be perfectly frank.
I don't masturbate
When I read how you're great
And the irony is it's all wank."


Ms Robinson said...

I love this one! Can I be effusive about it? Oh fuck I will. It's brilliant. Nice Barbing.

Luka said...

Ms Robinson - you may be as effusive as you like, I am all for freedom of expression. Thank you. I am smiling broadly.

Jackie Adshead said...

Delightfully barb-aric comments Luka! The world will always be a better place with you taking the piss out of people who deserve it. Have you ever considered bottling it?

Luka said...

Thank you, Jackie. Bottling the piss? I'm not a *weirdo* you know!

having my cake said...

Great rhyming and a wonderful rhythm :)

Luka said...

Thanks, Cake - I am blessed with the best of all muses. She just keeps giving.

Al Sensu said...

And now on to Shakespeare's sonnets.

Ms Robinson said...

Luka your baiting is impeccable. I thought I was the only one doomed to end up in a kind of Camus fringe blogosphere but I tell you lady you are gunning for it.

Freddy said...

I'm astounded I am
From my head has been blown my hat
I'm good at sex, or so I've been told,
But for sure I cannot do THAT!

Luka shoots
Luka scores!

Luka said...

Al - good old Shakespeare. He was a crowd pleaser too, you know.

Ms Robinson - I cannot help myself, I am driven.

Freddy - Goooaaaaal!

bittersweet me said...

I have missed you, dear Luka ... my 3 days away from the www could not restore me to such humour like your wit and rhyme. Thank you for spreading the fun!

lmao at barb-aric

oh, Freddy .. don't be so sure ;)

Luka said...

Me - welcome back, I missed you too! Thank you for the kind words, as ever.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I was tapping my toes while reading this......

Luka said...

I can see you appreciate my rhythm, AB.

flavia said...

Lovely. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I'm really not expected to orgasm at the mere mention of the word.

Luka said...

Flavia - glad to be of service!