Monday, 30 July 2007

What Happened Next?

An image appears, transmitted through the magic of MSN, onto the laptop screen before me.

"Oh my god!"

"Like what you see?"

"That wallpaper! I haven't seen anything like that since the 70s."

"LOL. But what about...this!"


"This. It's all for you, you know."

"Hang on, I'll just make it full screen. Oh yes. Goes well with your wallpaper."

"What are you wearing?"

"A Fat Slags t shirt and big knickers."

"Can I see?"

"Why would you want to?"

"Are you touching yourself yet?"

"Oh yes."

"Let me see. Put your cam on."

"I haven't got a cam."

"Then why do you have a webcam icon next to your pic?"

"Oh, that webcam. It's broken. It only shows bored women eating cheese."

"Just put it on."


"What kind of cheese is that, anyway?"

"Stinking Bishop."

"So, you going to take your top off?"

"I have. I am completely naked and saucing myself up as we type. Sadly, with my webcam being broken as I explained earlier, all you can see is a bored woman eating cheese."

"But I'm really horny!"

OK, readers, over to you. What do you think happened next?


Freddy said...

Luka - this was a private conversation between two adults and you promised me that you wouldn't publicise it.

What happened next?
You persuaded me to indulge your arse fetish and email you a picture for your collection; but you still wouldn't let me see your cheesey wotsits.

me said...

i know! i know!

It was that stinky bishop that had you licking your fingers.

Freddy LMAO

Jackie Adshead said...

If you were that bored, you went to get some crackers to go with the cheese, and left him cracking his nuts on his own......

Luka said...

Freddy - you should know by now that bloggers have no ethics when it comes to a good story.

Me - Mmmmm....Stinking Bishop.....

Jackie - Spookily close.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Freddy ruined the fun! Next he'll be telling us the end of the new Harry Potter. OK, he probably won't.

having my cake said...

OMG, it was Wallis wasnt it! But he prefers a nice bit of Gorgonzola so he blew you and your Stinky Bishop out...

Luka said...

Having My Cake - I am disturbed by that imagery, and strangely aroused.

having my cake said...

Ah, but it was Gromit licking up the mess with his tongue that really got you going... lmao

Luka said...

Argh! *scrubs mind with bleach*