Saturday, 21 July 2007


I could be a sex goddess
If I wasn’t quite so tired
Finishing the washing up
Has left me uninspired

I could put my stockings on
But I simply can’t be arsed
I did consider lipstick
But now the moment’s passed

I could play with you, lover
I don’t have the energy
It’s so hard to stay awake
When playing just with me

I could be a dynamo
But if you take me to bed
I’ll lie down and close my eyes
And fall asleep instead

I could have such a passion
If I only had some rest
I’d wear my boots and corset
And not this thermal vest

I could fuck you all night long
If you help me, there's no doubt
Then I won’t be so knackered
And we both can be shagged out


me said...

sleep well, dear Luka

Z said...

See, I leave the washing up for days, and instead of being known as a sex goddess, I'm just known as a slattern.

Ms Robinson said...

I so empathise: I have looked at the dishes three times but no, they are not urgent enough yet.

Luka said...

Thank you, all. I have had a nap and am much restored.

Freddy said...

A dishwasher, you need a dishwasher.

I tried to write poetic response
And make the rhymes quite witty
But it's not as easy as it looks
And my rhyming's really not very good

But you do need to get a dishwasher

The Man With Secrets said...

The trouble with dishwashers is that the little fuckers still expect you to fill them up and empty them. And trying to get someone else to do it only causes unrest, which kind of negates the whole point.

Freddy said...

here lies a deleted comment
which would have been quite sharp
I could have written something snappy

but didn't

Luka said...

Freddy - I can only hope your rhythm is better than your rhyme.

Man - I'm tired again just thinking about that.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Bravo, Luka.

having my cake said...

I love your rhymes Luka. And that one was a particularly good one on a very poignant topic! At home I have a dishwasher that causes untold frustration when, after 5 years, my Husband still cannot load it for optimum capacity. He would have failed the Krypton Factor! I have my latex-free Marigolds at Ruf's so I can assist by washing up. He does all the cooking :) Well, I will make toast...

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - thank you.

Having my Cake - There is no perfect solution. Except, maybe, to get staff.