Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Fun Quiz #3

Are you a Cyberama Drama Queen? Take this fun quiz to spot the danger signs:

1. You are chatting online with a chum when they disagree with your opinions on fisting. Do you:

A) Ask them why they disagree and read their answers carefully, so you can argue effectively.
B) Send them 43 different links to websites backing up your opinion and relentlessly present your case until they admit that you are right and they are woefully misguided.
C) End the conversation immediately, block them, delete them from your list of contacts and message everybody else in your address book to say you've closed your blog, have had enough and are leaving forever?

2. You are browsing the web when you read a post on a blog that you find personally offensive. Do you:

A) Navigate away from that page and onto something to make you smile
B) Leave a comment, politely pointing out what you found offensive and why
C) Send them an email telling them that they are going to burn in the fiery pits of hell, probably with some sort of pointy device up their ringpiece, and finish by proclaiming there's no point in responding as you've closed your blog, have had enough and are leaving forever?

3. You have unwittingly upset a number of people but don't quite know why. Do you:

A) Contact them individually to talk through what the problem might be
B) Post a generic apology and plea for understanding - you never meant any harm, after all
C) Contact them en masse with a "send to many" wounded text, emphasising how very hurt you are by this whole situation before closing your blog as you've had enough and are leaving forever?

4. You have unwittingly told people in your real life about your secret blog. Do you:

A) Accept it with a sense of fatalism - it had to happen sooner or later, especially given the big fuck off clues you dished out
B) Contact the people in your real life to ensure their discretion
C) Contact everybody you know with a "send to many" panicked text, explaining that you have been discovered and will be closing your blog as you've had enough and are leaving forever?

5. Completing this Fun Quiz has made you:

A) Bored
B) Late
C) Close your blog because you've had enough and are leaving forever?

How did you score?

Mostly As - You avoid the drama queen scene and are calm, cool and collected.
Mostly Bs - You can be feisty when necessary, but prefer a considered approach.
Mostly Cs - I am amazed you are still here.


Peach said...

Hello! Found you from Mrs R - I did the quiz but even though I am a complete nightmare hissy fitter, it seems, officially, I am not a drama queen

although I would beg to differ


The Man said...

I've sent you an email. I suggest that if you want to continue being so fucking nasty to me, you do it in private. I have had enough. Seriously.

Thank you.

Freddy said...

this was about the man?
but surely,
can't be

Luka said...

Hello Peach!

But you can't be a drama queen, or the lack of a result which matched your expectations would have had you flouncing out the door!

Luka said...

Man - thank you for your eloquent and heartfelt apology. Of course I forgive you.

Luka said...

Freddy - it is about Cyberama Drama Queens the world over. Sadly, sometimes what I post mataches how people perceive themselves and doors get slammed.

me said...

As!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boring me .... (fatalism is my second name) although never bored when i come here.

Luka said...

Me - there is nothing boring in being calm, cool and collected. I could use a lot more of that, frankly, as dramam is very tiring and makes my veins throb. And, aw, thanks, I am glad it is not a Boring Boudoir. x

Ms Robinson said...

It is fascinating to see (and hear of) the emotions that crop up around blogging; the fact is that everyone does so for different reasons. I suppose I am in the minority as I don't do it for therapy (my deeper thoughts remain with me) but mostly just to write and see if my point of view has a resonance.

I think it's a minefield Luka and you don't want to wear yourself out by digging too deep. You are amusing when you look at the world so more please.

Cynicism is my friend too.

Luka said...

Ms R, you are, as ever, quite right.

It is far too easy to fall into the narrow field of focus trap, which springs shut before you are aware you are in it. And I thought I was so savvy, dammit.

Pass me my wide angle lens.