Thursday, 5 July 2007

Fun Quiz #1

Tired of having to read through countless comments when you just want to get on with more pressing tasks, like eating crisps or having a wank? Then take this fun quiz to find out the most likely comment to be found in your box and save yourself the bother!

1. You get talking to a new acquaintance online. So far it's going very well. You both like cheese and they don't seem to find you too irritating. Do you:

A) Feel happy that you could be making a new friend (score 1 point)

B) Ask them for a picture of their arse (score 2 points)

C) Write an evocative and beautiful blog post about your new super special relationship which has touched you on a deeply spiritual and erotic level? (score 3 points)

2. You have had a bad day. Your hair has an annoying sticky up bit, you've put on 3lbs and the cat has vomited in your slippers. Again. Do you:

A) Write a light hearted piece about your bad day, turning it around into something amusing to hopefully bring a smile to others (score 1 point)

B) Focus on the positive by creating an evocative and beautiful blog post about your sensual adventures with a couple of squaddies and a tub of swarfega (score 3 points)

C) Take a picture of your arse? (score 2 points)

3. You are spending the day in a hotel room with your lover. You are happy, sticky and panting, entwined in each others limbs and a tangle of bedclothes. Do you:

A) Bask in the afterglow (score 1 point)

B) Get your lover to photograph your arse (score 2 points)

C) Quickly log on to the internet to inform your cyberchums that you can't talk to them right now, as you are lost in a world of passion, in a beautiful and evocative web chat? (score 3 points)

4. One of your best friends is feeling insecure. Do you:

A) Write a post about your friendship, listing all their best qualities (score 1 point)

B) Write a post about your friendship, listing all their best qualities along with a picture of your arse to cheer them up (score 2 points)

C) Write a beautiful and evocative post about the very special nature of any new friendships you may have made in the last 48 hours, listing all the things you imagine might be their best qualities, and how very much you would like to fuddle duddle with their wibbly wobblies in a sugar coated dream palace in the clouds? (score 3 points)

5. Somebody has posted a comment you don't agree with on your blog. Do you:

A) Chuckle at how silly some people can be and go back to photographing your arse (score 2 points)

B) Embark on a well thought out and reasoned debate (score 1 point)

C) Delete it and tell everyone - evocatively and beautifully - the original poster is a mentalist and lives in a skip? (score 3 points)

Now, tot up your scores to see the most likely comment to be found on your blog!

Score 5 or less points: LOL. Me too!
Score 6 - 10 points: I like your arse!
Score 11 - 15 points: Wow! That was so incredibly sensual. Evocative and beautiful. It's like you read my mind.


me said...

it is always about my arse. i admit it ... i have long arms and it is really easy for me to click away and check to see ... yes, my bum really does look big in those knickers.

ps. there is a picture of my arse on my blog today! no knickers! and it still looks big!

Freddy said...

1 A) although B is tempting, I figure the arse picture will come eventually even if I don't ask

2 C) if you've been there, you'll know that there are such pics on my blog so I can't deny it is an option.

3 A) AND B) do I get 3 points or 1.5 being the average?

4 B) obviously. My arse is guaranteed to raise a smile (especially if you can read braille)

5 people can post whatever they like on my blog

8 points - you like my arse!! I'm overjoyed - would you like a picture?

Luka said...

Me - you have a mighty fine arse, and there's no denying it. And it does not appear to be unduly large to me.

Freddy - there can never be enough arse pictures in my personal library.

Z said...

I scored ALL the points! And I also laughed till my mascara ran, which is a pain because I have to leave the house in 5 minutes. Maybe I could just hold a picture of my arse in front of my face.

the man said...

I would post a picture of my arse, but I have just laughed it off.

Bullseye, I think.

Luka said...

Z - now there's a cheeky idea.

Man - I aim to please.

Z said...

I thought of a couple of questions you'd left out, but decided to spare you them in favour of writing a squalid post about a handful of beautiful and evocative men.

Luka said...

Z - Well, there's always Fun Quiz #2, so feel free to correct my errors of omission. I will investigate this squalid post of which you speak, as beautiful and evocative men are often more than a handful.