Monday, 16 July 2007

Comments I Haven't Posted

Sometimes I am unable to post a comment for various reasons. It might be that I know the author of a particular blog thinks I am worse than Hitler and tends to delete my comments, or it could be that I decide not to cause unrest, or it could just be that I couldn't be arsed at the time or was too drunk.

Some comments just linger in my mind, though, and must find an outlet. So here they are, my random outbursts that have no other home.

  • Hooray! Don't let the door hit your arse on your way out!
  • You're a twat.
  • Trying to care....trying to care....No, still don't care.
  • When you say "how lucky that person is, about whom you just wrote so beautifully and evocatively" we all know you are referring to yourself. There is no air of mystery to it. It is as obvious as you are. Just say "thanks" and stop being so wanky.
  • You're not lovely, you're a twat.
  • Ye-e-es, I am sure you do want that, but why illustrate it with a picture of an airbrushed, paintshopped-to-beyond-perfection nude? I know what naked ladies look like. I can read your scenario and imagine a naked lady. I don't need an illustration. Well, not one that looks so far removed from the reality of the truly erotic naked ladies I am familiar with.
  • Bollocks.
  • Being smug doesn't make you an "Alpha Male" it just makes you a twat.
  • I have seen more erotic imagery in the cat's litter tray.
  • Twat.


Lady in red said...

sometimes i dont comment because i cant be arsed either, other times there just isnt anything i can safely say.

cant say that i ever really want to call anyone a twat etc because if i felt that way i just woulnt be bothering to read that blog

know exactly what you mean about the unreal and unrequired pictures, mental imagery is so much more powerful

Luka said...

Lady in Red - yes, there are often things I want to say, but, mostly, I am able to employ the mental brakes before I cause a riot.

You are much nicer than I - and I have often said as much to our friend in common - and far more gracious. I tend to read twatter blogs because they provide me with so much material to use. And I'm a bit of a twat myself, of course.

Puckrup said...

But, dear Luka, you are so much more clever and amusing than the twats who don't realise it. It's such a pleasure to have you around!

Luka said...

You are beyond biased. I approve heartily. Big me up, Puck-r-up! xxx

me said...

what have you done to poor barbie? you mussed up her hair ...

You deny sex bloggers their comments??? you are so cruel, Luka, but i love it!

(trying to care ... trying to care ... trying not to choke!!!)

Freddy said...

I've suppressed so many..... oh the wit and the humour in all those hundreds of unposted comment boxes that will now never see the light of day.
But at least I haven't been bannned from any blogs.

Lady in red said...

thanx Luka

there are often times I want to say something but can't because of confidences held.

I shall always make my own decisions althogh that may sometimes coincide with what I have been told.

our mutual friend I am afraiddoes not always notice my humour and takes everything too seriously

freddy I can ban you if you like for not leaving enough comments

Luka said...

Me - Barbie was asking for it, the dirty little slapper. She was the one who brought along the camera and salad items.

Freddy - I'm not banned, exactly, more sort of...unwelcome.

Lady in Red - I think many problems could be solved - maybe never even occur - if a lot of people just lightened up a bit.