Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I really didn't mean it
It was with a pinch of salt
I need someone to chaperone
Absolve me of my fault.

I don't believe I hurt you
My concern is all for me
I'll post your pain upon my blog
This is no apology.

I am feeling rather tired
So I can't be held to blame
I am innocent entirely
This must be some female game.

Your friendship was quite useful
When nobody else was there
Now I sit at the top table
Am I making myself clear?

Behave, be good, be different
But just don't be who you are
My girlfriend doesn't like you
This is what we hate so far.

I am mystified you're hurt
Aren't you made of sterner stuff?
So I wanted you at war
There is no need for a huff.

I like to keep you fighting
Then you'll never compare notes
Then I can say "Oh! Over me?"
And my blighted ego bloats.

I'm innocent, a victim
I am busy and I'm stressed
I have it worse than anyone
And it's so bad it's the best.

I don't know why you're angry
Or why they're all fucked off too
It must be mass hysteria
And I don't know what to do.

I've used up my excuses
And the whole thing starts to sag
It is lonely in Utopia
But at least I got a shag.


Lady in red said...

maybe I should have taken advice earlier

love your blog

and thanx for the lovely comment on mine

Anonymous said...

And now I know how Joan of Arc felt.

me said...


Puckrup said...

Wow. Sterling piece; emotionally insightful as ever and crafted with effortless rhythm and pace. Oh yes, and I hope the subject takes note, as I think the ending is prophetic and inevitable for those who are led entirely by their egos and have a shallow understanding of friendship. On the plus side, there are plenty of folks with sharper wit, stronger passions and more compassionate hearts out there! Time to chuck out the chaff?

Luka said...

Lady in Red, you are as gracious and generous as always. Thank you.

Anonymous - I like how you sung that. The flogging of your arse with the bunch of gladioli was a particularly welcome touch.

Me - heh.

Puckrup - well, it was more doggerel really, but it's better than yelling down the phone like a deranged harpie. I think. Maybe it isn't. Maybe I should drink more camomile tea and stop confusing online silliness with things that actually matter.

having my cake said...

Excellent rhymes! Loved it :)