Saturday, 7 July 2007

Another Song for the Campfire

I really like your hair
And the clothing that you wear
You've the body of a Playmate
But the mindset of an inmate
It could just be hormonal
This behaviour isn’t normal
I’m sure you are quite lovely but you’re mad.

I really like your smile
And your quirky sense of style
There are times you’re quite the charmer
But there’s always too much drama.
You're in a permanent red mist
You are a total mentalist
I’m sure you are quite lovely but you’re mad.

I could have been a friend
If you weren’t so round the bend
You seem quite immune to reason
And think other views are treason
You are clearly off your rocker
All my friends have said “just block her”
I’m sure you are quite lovely but you’re mad.

How hard to get it through
No one’s laughing about you
So many times I’ve told you that
My words can’t pierce your tinfoil hat
I am sure you have your backers
Maybe they don’t know you’re crackers
But I know you’re quite lovely but you’re mad.


Rodrigo said...

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Luka said...

Rodrigo - por que eu quereria um t-shirt personalizado quando este é um blog anonymous e os povos são sentimento que fosse distante personalizados demasiado já? Tsk. Spammers.

the man said...

No, no, no!

It's "I know you're quite lovely because you're mad"!

Have you learnt nothing from the Interweb?