Friday, 22 June 2007

There is a reason vanilla is popular.

One of my many problems with the sex blog genre is the apparent need to have an edge. After all, how many different ways can one write about the basic sexual experience? There are only so many permutations out there, and, let's face it, we always know what the ending will be. It's not like there's going to be a sudden twist - "I clenched, gasped and totally didn't cum. Suddenly the zombies were resurrected and we swiftly had to build a fortress out of flat pack furniture from Ikea".

No. A newly fledged sex blog will use up its supply of good-sex-what-I-have-had material pretty quickly. Then it tends to turn introspective, with endless musings on morality and increasingly tedious navel gazing. Or perhaps it will cling to the passing flotsam of sex news - the latest toy, the newest gadget - to avoid drowning in the sea of competition. Another option is to attempt to be wilder than the opposition. More extreme sex, more lovers, more bondage, more spanking, more same sex fantasies, more in a bed, more nudie photos, more, more, more.

It is a great pity. I am a fan of the basics. I adore honesty in a piece of prose. It is so rare to find that in the world of the sex blog.

This is not a sex blog.


The Man With Secrets said...

Have you been reading me?

Luka said...

Why, see anything you recognise?

Al Sensu said...

Most of my stories are wham, bam, thankee, so you should like it.

Luka said...

Al - as long as you don't start wobbling on about being a butterfly or a rainbow or some other up the arse nonsense, I'm sure I'll enjoy your prose.